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2012 - New Years Day - The Cambridge Diet - Sole Source - Weight loss

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GoingForGoalWeight Sun 11-Dec-11 23:04:48

I weigh over 25 stones. I expect to weigh more than this on New Years Day after all the festive scoff is over. grin

I am going to start the Cambridge Diet - Sole Source - on New Years Day.

I have found my Consultant and we have met, she lost 13 stones in 9 months and has kept the weight off for over 7 years!

4 Cambridge choc mint shakes per day.

3 - 4 litres of water per day.

Anybody else planning on starting The Cambridge Diet in 2012? Come join me and we can support each other.


laura4jasmine Sat 12-May-12 07:33:25

Soon2 at least you know you're still on track, you lost weight....onward to a great future!
5inthe wow amazing! Af is due for me on Mon so I can only hope I get anything like as good a result.
Juma very wise words. Hope you have a good weekend smile
Hi micaa I'm new only on day 5 of LighterLife. Loving the foodpacks, I really didn't expect them to taste very good but they are yummy. Can't wait till I'm looking back at 12lbs gone, I'll be very happy.

Well, just about to start getting the troups ready to do the weekly shop, oh joy! 4 kids in the supermarket is never going to be anybody's idea of a great day out. They are really good kids but it tests them! Going for a day out with a friend tom and only taking the 2 girls, I can't wait, will leave DH home to shout at the football with the boys! Anyone got plans this weekend? Hope you all have a lovely day.

DucketyDuckDuck Sat 12-May-12 09:29:36

Morning all!

Much better today, still didn't eat all day yesterday, then last night had a bowl of chicken and veg stew. I decided as I had been so ill, and no food for two days might be wise to get something real inside me! All back to normal now.

Oooh, weight losses all good! I love to hear about them. Well done!

And Hi to Micca I do remember reading some of your posts before I took the plunge....

Have a good day all, will check in later.


5inthebed Sat 12-May-12 12:29:27

Duckety, you're not meant to do the diet when you're ill anyway, so well done you.

Having a stressfull day today, really want to reach for the crisps. Ds2 has ASD and since last night has proven to be quite a handful. Am at the end of my tether, the only thing to cheer me up will be a dorito infusion. Will try a mushroom soup instead hmm

DucketyDuckDuck Sun 13-May-12 08:06:17

Morning all - hope you are all OK.

The sun is shining so hoping to get out for some fresh air later. I like my walks!

Thanks for what you said 5inthebed, although I knew it was the right thing to do having some "real food". There was still the panic that I would go mad and eat the contents of the kitchen. Didn't though.

How are you today? I find weekend nights abit "challenging", I think its that feeling of "its the weekend so must have a treat". Old habits die hard me thinks!

Have a great day everyone!


5inthebed Sun 13-May-12 17:17:56

I am having a nightmare of a weekend with DS2. Really struggling.

Plus my AF is proving a nightmare. Came on day before started SS+ and usually on for 2/3 days lightly max. Day 10 (day 9 on SS+) and I am still bleeding with a steady flow (Sorry, TMI). Could it be related to losing so much weight so fast? My counsellors scales said I lost 8lbs at 2pm but mine said 11 lbs at 7am same day.

Anyone else had any problems like this? My PMT is raging, not helped with the diet and I feel so drained.

How is eveyone else doing <weak smile>

laura4jasmine Mon 14-May-12 07:59:38

Morning all! Sorry you're struggling so much 5inthe. I find my scales always diff to counsellors so I just keep sep records and it doesn't upset me. I got AF yesterday and must admit I have struggled through w/e.

I had to go away yesterday all day and it was so hard. I wasn't able to have my foodpack so all day I had 1 crackerbread/pate, then had my pack when I got home about 7pm. I have my WI tonight and know it won't be as good as it could have been as I hold water when I have AF, Oh well, we'll see! The good part is I feel positive about cont. and I usually want to eat myself silly this week.

Hope you have a good day smile

DucketyDuckDuck Mon 14-May-12 09:04:19

Hi all

How are you today? I need some reassurance. I did that thing I said I wouldn't. I weighed myself. I have lost 14ib in two weeks. Which to a normal head is great. Now in my twisted world, that can very easily be "not good enough".

I started AF today too, so feel abit urghhh anyway. Plus I am at that age where it all goes abit wierd and I start shoplifting in my jammies and generally going abit loop the loop, maybe thats part of the problem! So will just have to get on with it.

I am so scared of self-sabotage. But if I keep coming here and writing how I feel, thats positive. So I must keep doing that. Its better than eating!

Have a great day xxxxx

DucketyDuckDuck Mon 14-May-12 09:07:14

Do we need a new thread soon? I don't want you all to disappear! I need you


Juma Mon 14-May-12 10:35:41

Good morning everyone! I spent the weekend with my daughter and partner in Herts. and have managed pretty well. Probably gone a bit overboard with the protein and haven't had as much water as I should but I resisted the Indian takeaway and the flowing wine, so yay! One thing I am most pleased about is that I didn't eat anything on the car journey (4hrs). Normally I would have munched my way through a big bag of sweets along with crisps.
Start of week 7 for me and I am ready for the challengesmile
Oh ladies I'm so sorry you're all having problems with the time of the month nonsense (still don't know what AF stands for?) There are some benefits to getting old ha ha!
Duckety - 14lbs weight loss in two weeks is bloomin amazing! Next time you go to the supermarket, put 14lbs of potatoes on the scales and imagine carrying that around - it's a fantastic losssmile
Hi Micaa - good to have you back
Keep your chin up 5inthebed, ( having worked in a secondary school for the last 10 years I know something of your challenges) Try and think of all the hard work you've put in on the diet already - you can do it x
Laura4 - you are doing brilliantly - let us know how your weigh in goes.
Have a positive day everyone

5inthebed Mon 14-May-12 16:44:12

Phew, so glad yesterday is over and done with. Had such a wobbler when DH came home. Took myself upstairs in a right old huff while they all ate shepherds pie (which I cooked from scratch).

Anyway, I managed not to devour a giant bag of doritos and still managing fine and dadny today.

Duckety, amazingly well done on your loss. That is fantastic. The first week is the week you get your biggest loss, so DO NOT be disheartened once you go get weighed and have not lost much more than that. When you getting weighed by your consultant?

Laura, my consultant uses proper scales for weighing, the same you weigh babies on, but has a standy bit on. Anyway, my home scales read the same as hers at same time, but going to go with hers.

Good luck with your WI tonight, fingers crossed for a good loss.

Duckety, you can start the new thread if you like, just make sure you let us know you've done it so we can sign on.

jinx86 Mon 14-May-12 17:36:04


Hope you dont mind me joining this thread. I read the thread from December last night. I'm interested in joining the Cambridge plan and contacted a consultant local to my area. I know a woman that has been doing the diet since jan and lost nearly 7 stone, and as I'm wanting to lose around 5 stone I thought I would give it a go. How have you found keeping to the plan and dealing with cravings?


5inthebed Mon 14-May-12 18:32:48

Hi Jinx, welcome to the thread.

The first three days are the worse, but once you get past those you shoul;d be fine cravings wise as you're not really hungry.

There are two you can start with Sole Source, which is 3 CD products a day, or Sole Source + which is either 4 CD products and 200ml milk a day or 3cd packs and a small meal (from a lsit of allowable foods) a day. I am on SS+ with a small meal as I find it so much more easier to stick to.

Good luck!

Juma Mon 14-May-12 19:43:12

Hello jinx, I am also on Sole Source plus, so I have a shake for breakfast, soup for lunch, then I have a mini meal (usually chicken, tuna or egg & salad), then a final shake at about 8pm.You also have to have at least 4 pints of water (including black tea and coffee). The first few days are a bit of a shock to the system,but for me the fact that I don't have to be constantly planning meals, weighing & measuring, is a relief. It's hard but it's effective.
The main way I satisfy cravings (and I think most people are the same) is to drink water. After 3 weeks you can have a flavoured powder to add to water which is very nice and certainly helps.
Best of luck

5inthebed Mon 14-May-12 20:24:15

Juma, have you tried making cauli rice yet? It's really easy, I made it last week and had a mini chicken curry and cauli rice. Was divine!

soon2Bslim Tue 15-May-12 08:50:36

Hello everyone, well done on ur losses and sticking with it! I am back on from today, starting a fresh and forgetting about last week, my consultant has gone on her holiday now so i really want to make myself proud and her proud to when she comes back with a nice stone gone (or more if im lucky!) I managed to lose 13lbs in my first week before so if i do that then i will definatly lose a stone. How you all feeling? Im going to a toddler group this morning and they have always got lovely cakes and biscuits to eat, and i almost thought let me start tomorrow so i can pig out with the rest of the mums, but.... then my self control jumped in and i thought theres always going to be an excuse to start 'tomorrow' so im not letting that excuse ruin what i want to achieve. Have a good day everyone talk to u soon x

DucketyDuckDuck Tue 15-May-12 08:55:24

Hi all will set up a new thread today for Sole Source CD Exante LL diets. I think they only go up to1000 posts.

Ooooo I feel all responsible! Will put it in diet section.

Not a bad day today, not focussing on what I have lost, looking ahead to what I need to do to continue.

Good Luck all!

I hope you all have lovely days. Look out for new thread (I will try and link if I can)


kitkatkaty Tue 15-May-12 08:56:31

Hi Everyone

I hope you don't mind me joining this thread? I've been reading right back to the beginning - you are all doing so well!

I started CWP last month and am in my 4th week now. I have lost 1 and a half stone so far so pretty pleased! The first 3 days were pretty tough (very tough!) but I am determined to continue as I had 7 stone to lose from when I started. My consultant reckons that I can do that by Christmas - fingers crossed! I have been doing sole source so far which I have been getting on well with but am now starting to find that I want something "real" to eat! Is anyone else doing SS plus and if so how are you finding it?

My weigh in day is Thursday so will be interested to see how I get on. Last week was the first week I had the bars and I found I didn't lose so much weight. I have reduced the number of bars that I've had this week so fingers crossed I might get a better result!

DucketyDuckDuck Tue 15-May-12 09:13:37

Set up a new thread to continue this one.

Hope link works, if not sorry!

Welcome to KitKatKaty!!! xx

Juma Tue 15-May-12 09:44:11

Hi, I'm moving to the new thread now.

Good to hear from you again soon2beslim smile


jinx86 Tue 15-May-12 17:19:26

Thanks for the warm welcome. I am trying to get an appointment with the consultant for thursday. I've tried WW a few times but end up losing motivation when there is really low results. Fingers crossed this one works. From what i have read on the web, people can get really good results.


ChuffMuffin Fri 18-May-12 16:41:59

Hi! I started SS+ today (cos I'm a tall 'un!). It's sad how much I think about food, I think I have a bit of a real problem. Can't wait until ketosis kicks in.

I've got about 2 stone to lose. I know it doesn't sound like that much but I need a big kick up the arse and I need to re-evaluate why I eat when I'm bored. I think this will be a good way to finally free myself of my, well, basically food addiction, and my huge pepsi max addiction confused. That's what I miss the most right now, not food.. pepsi max!

Emboo Wed 15-Aug-12 22:53:04

Hi I started SS on Friday had first weight in today and lost 1 stone so excited i'm so pleased i was scated to try diet but glad i did now, only 1 stone to loss and I've hit my target of 9stone 9 . So pleased . Anyone's who considering it I would say try it as its worked for me now I hoping to loss small amounts per week to get to my target xxxxx

YoYoW8 Sat 25-Aug-12 21:40:26

read the whole thread and got hooked
starting on SS again or rather yet again
always come off the waggon after 1 or 2 weeks
hope this thread will keep me going till i lose all the weight
for once!

Slimsam Mon 12-Nov-12 19:31:26

Hi guys ! Please can I join? Have been on cd on and off for the last month have lost 1/2 a stone need to lose at least a stone before x-mas but have no willpower left !! Things keep ending up in my mouth &#128549;&#128549;

Lillyk06 Thu 29-Aug-13 22:14:05

Hi, it's my 4th day on Exante diet it's very good
But I wanted to ask how long does it take until u start to see results as I weighed myself today and have lost no weight yet.
I have
1 shake for breakfast
1 shake for lunch
Small chicken breast with small salad for dinner

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