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2012 - New Years Day - The Cambridge Diet - Sole Source - Weight loss

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GoingForGoalWeight Sun 11-Dec-11 23:04:48

I weigh over 25 stones. I expect to weigh more than this on New Years Day after all the festive scoff is over. grin

I am going to start the Cambridge Diet - Sole Source - on New Years Day.

I have found my Consultant and we have met, she lost 13 stones in 9 months and has kept the weight off for over 7 years!

4 Cambridge choc mint shakes per day.

3 - 4 litres of water per day.

Anybody else planning on starting The Cambridge Diet in 2012? Come join me and we can support each other.


GoingForGoalWeight Fri 16-Dec-11 12:46:03

Just eating smile food over Christmas. New Years day isn't far to go now ... [worried] it's going to be extremly tough as i quell emotions with junk food.

Overtiredmum Fri 16-Dec-11 21:03:36

I "plan" to be good, but who knows grin!!

A few days before you start CD, my counsellor always says to cut down on carbs and increase water so its not too much of a shock when you start SS.

FortynotFat Sat 17-Dec-11 08:50:17

I have been on a binge for a couple of weeks and feel terrible both physically and mentally now. Like overtired said I am planning to cut down to prepare and make me feel better.

GFGW you need to stop hiding behind food and prepare yourself mentally for how you are going to feel without it. Have some thought patterns in place.
On my last attempt when I felt like cheating I would have 'one meal/ sandwich etc etc wont hurt' thoughts but I tried to learn to turn them into 'I will feel so bad if I cheat / put on weight / dont lose weight' type patterns.
You will have to find what works for you. I am not an expert as I did not manage to lose all the weight last time but it takes a long time to unlearn all the eating patterns of behaviour.
Sheer willpower and positive thoughts can work and with the support of this thread and the counsellor we can do it.

I will not be fat and 40, I will not be fat and 40, I will not be fat and 40

Can you guess my mantra grin

wakeupnow Sat 17-Dec-11 10:18:46

Fortynot fat that's going to be my mantra too!!! You've given GFGW some really good tips.
On reflection think I need to control my eating over christmas rather than have the full blown pigout I'd planned.

GoingForGoalWeight Sat 17-Dec-11 15:40:27

Since the age of 17 ish I've drank 1.5 litres of water a day at least and can drink 3 - 4 litres in the summer. smile

I love water, get headaches without.

slalomsuki Mon 19-Dec-11 19:09:45

I'll join you too from the 1st January.

Stupidly did a week on it at the start of December and lost 5lbs. Then the Christmas parties kicked in and I drifted. Have approx 10 days of product so will get going again. I wasn't on SS but stage 3 at 1000 calories and it wasn't too bad.

GoingForGoalWeight Mon 19-Dec-11 19:34:26


I wasdiscussing my life threatening weight problem today and friend suggested i might be 'past diets' just eat healthy, but i guess i want ti lose the wweight quickly



GoingForGoalWeight Mon 19-Dec-11 20:29:18

Relax don't do it
You WILL regret eating sweets, chocolate, ice cream, chicken, cottage cheese with or without onion, chill doritos ANY FUCKING THING OFF SOLE SOURCE


than you will reap the fantasy reward, the dream, the goal, the figure, the healthier you, the better looking you, the more content you


GoingForGoalWeight Mon 19-Dec-11 20:30:53



after all the hard work i've done this year learning about food and nutrition

after all the hard work of reducung carbs

wakeupnow Mon 19-Dec-11 20:44:06

GFGW we'll do this, I have a degree in nutrition but it didn't stop me piling on the pounds.
Please help me & I'll be there for you xx

GoingForGoalWeight Mon 19-Dec-11 22:26:39

I will be here! smile

cockneydad Wed 21-Dec-11 18:44:17

I need to shed about 5 stone (maybe 6) - is their any advantage of Cambridge over Lighter Life ? They look similar in terms of the actual food (or lack of)....

GoingForGoalWeight Wed 21-Dec-11 19:05:08

New years day not far away!

wakeupnow Wed 21-Dec-11 19:52:46

cockney dad not sure tbh, am guessing they're similar.
GFGW 10 more sleeps to go!!!!!!

GoingForGoalWeight Wed 21-Dec-11 20:37:53


NotSuchASmugMarriedNow Thu 22-Dec-11 00:18:00

Good luck OP and everyone else - I think I might join you - how much is it please?

GoingForGoalWeight Thu 22-Dec-11 21:40:51

The cost varies. i have 4 packs a day. £50 per seven days.

Welcome smug

cockneydad Fri 23-Dec-11 20:26:11

50 for 7 days - ouch - I wonder if there are any ways to reduce that - the budget here is limited !

wakeupnow Fri 23-Dec-11 20:26:47

God guys I need this so much, just been to annual festive drinks with neighbours & this time next year really want them to be saying 'wow haven't you lost weight'!
Can't wait to get started now grin

GoingForGoalWeight Fri 23-Dec-11 20:37:51

It is a little over £7 per day. it is about what i spend on food already...blush.

goingbacktowork Sat 24-Dec-11 21:16:57

do people need to have check up woih doctor before you can start?

goingbacktowork Sat 24-Dec-11 21:18:22

difference between LL and cam diet is price (LL is more) and fact that LL has compulsory weekly group meetings whereas majority of cam diet counsellors you meet for quick meet up once or twice a fortnight.

SucksToBeMe Sat 24-Dec-11 22:51:33

I have been doing the CD and it's great!! I am on ss but need to switch to slim and save, which is a lot cheaper. As I am poor atm sad Will go back to CD after new year. The weight really does drop off!!!

goingbacktowork Sun 25-Dec-11 08:50:47

if you are an average woman then you do 3 packs a day not 4 if that works out any cheaper.

Happy Christmas All!

cockneydad Mon 26-Dec-11 20:47:22

seriously thinking about CD now - was also looking at lighter life, but money is sooo tight at the moment...

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