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Dr Has just prescribed my Orlistat 120mg

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ByThePowerOfGreyskull Mon 07-Nov-11 11:03:16

Anyone got any experience of this?
She seems clear that it will work in 2 ways
1)cick start weight loss
2)aversion type therapy - don't want the shits there fore don't eat excessive fat.

However she has just done me a full bloods mot ad everything is on the healthy side of normal. lipid levels of 0.6 she said that showed that I had a healthy diet.

so any tips / info to share..please?

ilove Mon 07-Nov-11 11:06:27

Never, EVER assume you only need to pass wind. NEVER.

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Mon 07-Nov-11 11:07:30


ByThePowerOfGreyskull Mon 07-Nov-11 11:49:19

hopeful bump

Katiebeau Mon 07-Nov-11 11:55:32

Don't even consider cheating otherwise that fat will whizz out you bottom at an alarming rate!!!!

MalibuStac Mon 07-Nov-11 11:58:51

I couldn't get into using at all, and agree never assume its just a fart, I made that mistake resulting in having to buy a new outfit.the thing with orlistat is that it stops fat absorption but if your on a healthy diet that won't be an issue for you. Good luck with it smile

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Mon 07-Nov-11 12:19:56

it says I have to take it with main meals, so if I have a sandwich for lunch does that count as a main meal?

ilove Mon 07-Nov-11 12:25:17

Yes it does. Take 3 x daily, breakfast, lunch and tea.

Tonksforthememories Mon 07-Nov-11 15:46:56

I didn't like it, and as i already have a very low fat diet it didn't kick start any weight loss either! Just made me very windy and bloated. sad

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Mon 07-Nov-11 19:26:42

OK, so have had my first about 1 hour ago, had jacket potato, veg & a grilled lean burger plus a glass of squash.
No burblings.... yet

bugsylugs Tue 08-Nov-11 20:38:52

Works really well for some. Which lipis level was 0.6? generally cholesterol, HDL LDL and triglycerides are not just a measure of your diet but also influenced by exercise and genes.
If you are going to have a fatty meal you need to stop the orlistat and probably for a day or so before but do not 'cheat' too often. Can be a really good tool for educating you an which of your food have a higher fat contenet than you think.

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Thu 10-Nov-11 21:05:53

right, thought I would do an update, as much for me to keep track as anything else day 3
things are ok had a meal tonight that has a little more fat than I am used to eating. Have a tight feeling in my tummy. eek!

ilove Tue 15-Nov-11 18:45:21

How are you getting on with it?

susiedaisy Tue 15-Nov-11 18:47:49

I know two people who have taken it and both have had major poo accidents, one just bent down at work and whoosh!!

Abbicob Thu 17-Nov-11 09:32:52

OMG at the above - Just started this week with this so will watch this thread.
Have about 4 stone to loose - prob more to be honest but lets start with that blush

I am on day 3 and no incidents as yet.

susiedaisy Thu 17-Nov-11 10:07:41

I think if you don't eat fat your ok but if you eat it that's when you need to empty your bowells and often the urge to do so is very urgent! My gp gave me some but I haven't been brave enough to try as everyone I know who has have not got on well at all with itsad

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Thu 17-Nov-11 14:37:30

ok we are now a week down the line I have lost 4lb definately re-educating about fat.. I get the oil thing but I stupidly for got about the cheese sandwich I bought so it was a bit of a shock when the results occured!
It feels worth it at the moment.
Abbicob, how are you getting on?

Abbicob Thu 17-Nov-11 15:25:18

Really good so far - day 3 today and terrified to eat any fat.
How soon did you feel the affect of the cheese sandwich?

Trying not to get on scales until Monday but you know how it is smile

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Thu 17-Nov-11 22:11:54

3-4 hours..
I have avoided getting on the scales since Monday morning .. I so hope things are still going in the right direction when I get on in 3/4 days time.
I really really need a boost tog et me started.. I can hardly believe how desperate I feel for this to work!

Dosey Thu 17-Nov-11 22:25:07

Hi ladies, just thought I would let you know,my mum is one these and has lost 4 stone in 5 months, she's looking fab and feeling great, I just can't keep up with all her new clothes. She hasn't had any poo accidents but is so so careful about what she eats. It has definitely re-educated her eating habits x

ellenjames Thu 17-Nov-11 22:52:06

just to let u know i had these and i have since ibs because of it! All managed on medication but dont think i will ever be right again! I had urgency for toilet and it was like having a tummy bug, no warning so i had to go. I basically didnt leave the house for ages til i got sorted it ruined my life.

Abbicob Fri 18-Nov-11 09:25:38

Thanks Dosey - thats the result I am after.
I think if you stick to low fat you don't get the side affects so fingers crossed. It's certainly given me the will power hearing about all these accidents smile

Dosey Fri 18-Nov-11 12:36:01

Please do your best and stick with them. My mum just never touches fat at all
And believe me she loved the stuff. She has gone down from a size 24 to a 22/20. She is so happy it's unreal. She manages to cook us a Sunday roast without any fat involved' she dry roasts her potatoes, takes the fat off the meat, steams the veg and uses that flora spray fat for the yorkshire pudding tins. It's amazing because she is cooking Christmas dinner for us all too this way. Don't get me wrong she has tried really hard and there lots of times when she fancies a binge but it's just not worth it. she stocks up on them little bags of special k snacks in cases of emergency. Everybody is different and can respond to different medication in different ways. You won't know until you try. Good luck. I will keep an eye out for you on here in case you need a boost x

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Fri 18-Nov-11 22:12:17

only sadness is thrar am now tipsu and the tablets doen't take avount for epty ca;oroes

Abbicob Tue 22-Nov-11 10:05:21

Wahoo - lost 5 pounds in first week and no side affects grin
Looking forward to week 2 now - how sad!

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