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How important is breakfast?

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hairybeans Wed 26-Oct-11 08:36:46

I'm doing WW at the minute but using Beck solution as my guide. I have been experimenting with hunger over the last couple of days as I realised I rarely feel hungry. I'm keen to get into the habit of eating only when I'm hungry as I know I overeat.

I've realised I rarely feeling hungry before midday and then it's only mild. An apple carries me over to lunch.

How important is it to eat breakfast? Should I still have something earlier in the day even if I'm not very hungry?

MissPenteuth Wed 26-Oct-11 09:51:59

It's better to try to keep your blood sugar levels fairly stable. Generally speaking, If you wait until you're starving you're more likely to overeat. And if your blood sugar is low you're more likely to grab a chocolate bar or similar.

You might find that something small but filling (a yogurt, some dried fruit and nuts; aim for protein rather than just carbs) in the morning stops you feeling as hungry later in the day.

throckenholt Wed 26-Oct-11 09:58:12

I think breakfast is important. Generally speaking it makes physiological sense to eat most earlier in the day - giving time to digest and use the energy produced, rather than storing it as fat while you sleep overnight.

This isn't very easy with our modern lifestyle when most people eat their main meal late in the day - maybe this is part of the reason for the obesity epidemic ?

A decent, protein and unrefined carbohydrate breakfast should give you steady energy release over the day, making you less likely to have a sugar crash and sudden urge to raid the biscuit tin.

Ephiny Wed 26-Oct-11 10:56:02

I'm usually hungry when I wake up, so breakfast is important for me! In general though I'd agree with eating when only you're hungry. Your body should be naturally able to regulate your blood sugar levels (obviously barring certain medical conditions) so I wouldn't eat for that reason.

Do you find you eat a lot in the evenings then (if you don't have much in the morning or at lunchtime)? That could be the reason you don't feel hungry in the mornings, if you want to spread your eating more evenly through the day, you might have to try to break that cycle. e.g. if you had your main meal at lunchtime, and a lighter one in the evening, you might well feel hungrier in the morning?

SootySweepandSue Wed 26-Oct-11 11:00:38

I think metabolism slows right down if you don't have breakfast. Have heard it's even quite important to eat within 30 mins. When dieting I always have eggs as it keeps you full till lunch and you get no cravings for pastries etc!

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