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New Mum seeking new body by Christmas!

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CoraBear Mon 24-Oct-11 12:18:43

My baby boy is 6 months old and I am quite overweight. Ok, I'm alot overweight (takes deep breath) I'm 15 stone. At 5 ft 7 this is waaay to much. I am sitting here in the one pair of trousers that fit me and my DP's tee shirt because none of my tops fit properly. Basically my stomach looks like a deflated paddling pool and my thighs are so big that I'm fairly sure that if I sit down too much longer they will burst open.

After I had the baby I took the very grown up approach to weight loss and I hoped that if I ignored the problem it would go away and somehow I would have a body like posh spice-because all new mothers lose all the weight instantly don't they? Turns out they don't, and surviving on mini aero's didn't help. I weigh more now than when I gave birth.

I have a serious lack of motivation but I decided to see if I could lose some pounds before Christmas, as I'll be seeing people I haven't seen since I was pregnant and want to look casually fabulous. So are any of you interested in holding my hand, kicking my arse and generally helping each other to stay on track? I really want to do this but I know if I'm not answerable to others my resolve will slip.

I have my first weight watchers meeting tomorrow, which I'm dreading as it will mean that the leader will weigh me and know what a tubby fecker I am. So, if any of you weight watcher followers or followers of other plans would like to come and join me and share stories of jogging up and down while eating maltesers so the points are being eaten and burned off simultaneously or just have a rant about how unfair the world is when you're hungry, you are welcome.

Right, I'm off to remove all the biscuits, chocolate and sweets from my house before tomorrow. That's right, when I say "remove" I do of course mean "eat them".

RockChick1984 Mon 31-Oct-11 09:35:48

Hi, please can I join in? My ds is 7.5 months and I REALLY need to lose the rest of this baby weight! I'm 5' 6" and currently 11st 4lb, exactly a stone heavier than pre pregnancy. Although I'd put some weight on before getting pregnant, so more like 1.5 - 2 stone to get back into my fave jeans! I lost some weight at slimming world but have had to give up (decided I'm not going back to work - yay! But means I've got to try to cut back non essential spending).

No idea on ww points for options, but can recommend the chocolate brownie flavour, it's amazing! I'm just rubbish at this whole dieting malarkey, all the food I like is really bad for me, there's hardly any veg I actually like!

NewChoos Mon 31-Oct-11 10:34:39

Hello Rockchick Well done on your weight loss so far. Also on the not going back to work - I currently have very mixed feelings about my return to work in a few weeks time.

Options hot choc is 1 point.

Not read that book yet Cora although it's been sat in my 'to read' pile for a while. I sometimes avoid films if I have really loved the book.
Right baby snoozing - off to make my soup.

Alex1984 Mon 31-Oct-11 11:01:36

hello all,
ok decided to start today as had friends around yesterday and ate a lot of lemon cheesecake.
So got upthis morning and weighed in at 12stone 5lb. want to get to 10 stone, not necesarily before christmas.
I havent ever dne ww but goig to see if I can work out points for things i eat. how many points am i allowed a day?
i havent read that book either Cora...what is it about? Hw is the sleep training going?
hey rockchick...god work what is your secret?
newchoos, what is the soup recipe? i am having carrot and coriander for lunch?
where is everyone from? I live in a village called Oakley which is near Basingstoke.

CoraBear Mon 31-Oct-11 11:29:07

Hi Rockchick- welcome. Congratulations on your weight loss so far, it's such a struggle to keep motivated isn't it?!

Options hot choc is only 1 point, I'm gonna head to Tesco and get some. After I've finished watching Batman Begins-I mean, doing my tidying up. My soup's bubbling on the hob. My recipe is just to throw a whole load of point free veg into a pot with herbs and garlic and water and let it cook. Today's one has 3 carrots, 1/4 of a turnip, mushrooms, broccoli and onion. Smells lovely.

I'm having trouble getting a job, I'm a trained nanny and no one wants a nanny that has her own child (and absolutely no one wanted a pregnant nanny!). I can't become a child minder because my house is small- hoping to move soon though. I know what you mean when you say you have to cut back on non-essential spending Rockchick, every penny in my house is accounted for.

Alex, if you google propoints calculator one will come up and you enter in your info and they tell you how many you can have. All the propoint info is really available on line, I plan on stopping going to the weigh ins in a few weeks but I need to go for the first while to keep me in line. I'm just going to weigh myself at home after I replace my scales.

NewChoos Mon 31-Oct-11 15:40:11

Hi Alex My soup was a variation of Cora's. I just boiled up some green beans, broccoli, tinned tomatoes, carrots, red onion, cauliflowers and seasoning with a veg stock cube. It was tasty but I'm a bit hungry now so going to have some melon. Going to low point and low carb all week to see if I can kick start some weight loss!
I am regretting making flapjack for DH yesterday as I can hear it in the kitchen! I will be strong smile

RockChick1984 Mon 31-Oct-11 19:44:19

No secret to it alex just stuck to slimming world for a month and weight dropped off, but just don't have the motivation to resist all the sweet treats that I went off while pregnant. All I wanted then was savoury but making up for lost time now with choccy bars and all things sugary!!

Good luck with the job hunt cory I'm sure this is a daft question but what will you do with your LO if you get a nannying position, would you take him to work with you or put him in nursery? I'll probably never be in a position financially to need or afford a nanny but I'm nosy!

CoraBear Mon 31-Oct-11 22:39:51

I mainly grazed today- having been up for so many hours with the baby I am in a weird state whereby if I eat a biggish meal I want to go asleep. Only made it to 24 points today due to said screaming child and reduced appetite and I can't bear to eat anything else. Hopefully this reflects at the weigh in tomorrow!

Rockchick, I'm not too sure what I will do regarding work. Creches are so expensive that I don't think it would pay for me to go back to work and put him in one (and I really don't want to!) so when we move I might go down the becoming a childminder route. I have had my niece for the odd weekend since he was born and I am so not ready to have another baby!!!

Oh bugger, there's the baby waking up again. I hope everyone got on well today and we'll do the weigh in tomorrow, mine's not 'til 6.45pm so no chocolate for me tomorrow.

NewChoos Tue 01-Nov-11 08:15:15

Cora - Hope you had a better night with the baby. Have been thinking about your career (when the baby woke at 0645!) and I really wouldn't mind a nanny with a baby as I would see the benefits of having a nanny over going to nursery. Maybe it's worth asking around?

I have just weighed myself and I have had immense weight loss: 1 whole lb!!!
6 weeks til xmas and if I can going I would hopefully get at least half a stone off, so on I plod.

Good luck for the weigh int's today. Not sure of my meal plan yet but no doubt it will involve no points soup and yogurt.

CoraBear Tue 01-Nov-11 10:46:54

Yay Choos!!!!!!! Well done!!!!!!
That's brilliant that you lost a pound. That's my goal for this week. You should be really happy with it. At least it's a pound off and you know it's heading in the right direction.

I am dreading the weigh in, I don't want to be disappointed. My OH was asking was I going to stop off at the chipper on the way home from my weigh in because I don't have to be weighed for another week, but I think I will stay strong.

My son was awake every 2 hours last night, I am exhausted. The poor little thing was in agony with his teeth so the majority of my daily points will be spent on coffee.

On the work front, I was on to my agency and they have had "little positive response" to my desire to bring my baby to work. In my head I think that it might be easier to mind children in my house because I could put on a wash, hang out washing during the day. My laundry is mountainous at this stage, it's all I can think of.

NewChoos Tue 01-Nov-11 16:02:41

Oh thanks for the encouragement Cora. Good luck for your weigh in. I think it's a good idea to have a treat after weigh ins, so you could have your chips but personally I would opt for chocolate (and easier to point!).

Sorry to hear you had such a disturbed night, Little Choos has been resisting sleep all day, lets hope we both get some zzz'z soon. Could you consider personal ads rather than going through an agency? Sorry if you've already considered this, but I just wonder if it's the agency being negative rather than potential clients? Absolutely see your point re washing - it is my personal quest to get the stains out of little Choos clothes!

CoraBear Tue 01-Nov-11 17:59:25

Have to leave for my weigh in in about 20 minutes, I feel like I should be running up and down the stairs or taking part in some sort of 1980's movie training montage with lots of synthesizer music in the background.

Think I'll have crisps but only if I lose weight, I LOVE crisps.

Oh by the way I love that your baby's nickname is Little Choo's. Cutest name ever.

I'll post back later.

CoraBear Tue 01-Nov-11 19:31:42

Back from my weigh in. I lost the grand total of 1 1/2 pounds.

I am midway between being happy enough with a loss to annoyed that it wasn't more. Super healthy friend texted and reminded me of the size of a pound of butter. Which is heavy. And now I weigh 1 1/2 less of them.I'm fairly sure that last sentence makes no sense to anyone but me. In the interest of full disclosure I am typing this while eating cheese and onion hula hoops- a loss is a loss.

My mission this week is to do a little exercise every day.

NewChoos Tue 01-Nov-11 20:16:51

Well done Cora! Just think, if you lose 1.5lbs each week, you'll have lost almost a stone by Christmas. I completely agree, butter is heavy, lets aim for another pat by next week.

Perhaps we should adopt a flashdance/rocky soundtrack for weigh ins?

I need to exercise too, will speed our weight loss up, will get out with the buggy more.

Alex1984 Tue 01-Nov-11 23:52:43

Thats amazing well done guys! I have been doing less well and had some chocolste both dayd to try and keep mr going as trying to get dc to sleep in moses basket...we are aleeping for about ten minutes at a time.
Like the plan to do a little exercise everyday am going to try that too.
Well done again.

CoraBear Wed 02-Nov-11 08:17:39

Thanks Choos, thanks Alex.

I'm going to try and exercise for 20 mins minimum per day-even if that's only doing basic work with my weights while watching the telly (my weights are currently being used to prop open several doors in my house-not good). I'll dig out the legwarmers for the 80's themed weigh ins.

Alex don't worry about the chocolate (did you weigh yourself?), I had some most days and when you have a non-sleeping baby you need something tasty and full of sugar to get you through. None of our babies seem to be sleeping well at the moment, do you think they have joined some sort of kidsnet forum to discuss ways to stay up all night?

NewChoos Wed 02-Nov-11 08:27:31

I was going to post that I feel Little Choos and Little CBear must be talking to each other and now it appears that Alex's Lo has joined in. Little Choos must have been awake every hour from 0200 (and he only settled at 2300!). I can feel the coffee calling.....

CoraBear Wed 02-Nov-11 10:19:16

It was my DP's night to get up with the baby so I at least got a bit of sleep. Little Bear (I'm hijacking your nickname style) was up every 2 hours for 20-30 mins at a time and no amount of food or playing to tire him out is working. I wish I lived near a decent coffee shop so I could get some weapons grade coffee, but instant will have to do. I have a feeling if I do any exercises that require me to lie down I'll be asleep in no time.

NewChoos Wed 02-Nov-11 10:36:43

I'm off for a brisk walk into town shortly.
Cora - have you got one of those Bodum coffee jugs? The M&S/Waitrose ground coffee's are good and cost approx £3-4 per pouch and these last for a couple of weeks at least.
Little Choos is currently bouncing in his Jumperoo apparently none the worse for wear after his disturbed night.

So yesterday I had Meatballs and veg for dinner (was very restrained DH had rice and I am sure he is scoffing choc biscuits in the kitchen of an evening).

Today the grand plan is: 90 min walk
Bfast: weetabix & ss milk
Lunch: veg soup, grapes, yogurt
Dinner: Chicken curry with veg. have got a friend coming over as DH is away with work tonight. Will try to resist opening Prosecco.

Alex - you asked where we all are, I'm in Bucks.

CoraBear Wed 02-Nov-11 14:40:42

I have a coffee plunger thing- I heard that the Starbucks Christmas Blend was gorgeous so I'm going to get some of that. I'm so jealous that you're getting out for a walk, it's been raining here all day. But it is Ireland so I suppose I shouldn't be that surprised.

My food plan today is:
No breakfast-baby was too tired and upset so...
Brunch- 2x quorn sausages, spicy cous cous and zero point veg.
Dinner- leftover cannelloni (17 points!!!!!) with a huge no point salad.

I bought options hot chocolate for a change from coffee and I have no point soup ready to go if I need it. The cannelloni is fairly hefty in points so I don't want to go over my daily allowance. They reduced my points to 33 yesterday so I have to be sure to keep an eye on them and not go over.

NewChoos Thu 03-Nov-11 10:06:26

Morning all - Cora smile

Hope it's stopped raining and you manage to get out today. Also hope the babies slept. Little Choos was asleep by 2100, up at 0030, then 0300 at which point I brought him into bed for a snuggle until 0600. Don't feel too bad today!
Watched a DVD last night, not my choice and I wasn't keen but in fact it was very funny 'get over it" with Jennifer Aniston. If you watch it, check out Nicole Kidmans face - very bizarre - touch too much botox me thinks.

I managed to stick to my points yesterday - in fact had 6 to spare.
Plan for today:
Bfast: Yogurt & fruit
Lunch: Out at a Christmas gift fair and so will try and choose the healthiest option
Dinner: will be frugal, depending on the lunch, so probably something like Chicken and Veg. Mr Choos is not back until late tonight.

Good luck for today everyone.

CoraBear Thu 03-Nov-11 11:16:55

Hi Choos,

My day is crappy von crap crap today. It's pissing rain (flooding expected), my car is broken down, I have cabin fever and I have no decent food in the house. Oh and the Amazing Non-Sleeping Baby Bear was up every hour last night. I am wrecked. I am homicidally tired. And I want a Burger King. Oh I love a good rant.My niece is here today because she is on mid-terms from school so we're watching Team Umizoomi to keep her quiet and I can get a rest. I feel like a bad Aunt but I just need half an hour of peace.

That's great that you had 6 points to spare-but you also must have worked up loads of activity points with your walk yesterday. What sort of Christmas Fair are you going to? Are you already shopping for pressies? You are very organised. I haven't seen "Get over it", Nicole Kidman leaves me cold, she seems very detached- love Jennifer Anniston though, I would kill for her figure.

CoraBear Thu 03-Nov-11 11:19:26

Going to try an experiment: to see if you mix a sachet of options hot chocolate with a spoonful of coffee do you get a propoints friendly mocha.

I will post my findings.

CoraBear Thu 03-Nov-11 11:34:45

Definitely not like a mocha!!!!!!

It's an awful hybrid and has a weird synthetic/chemical aftertaste. Back to the drawing board on that one I'm afraid.

I think cabin fever has turned me into the Nutty Professor (I do have a Klump-like figure!).

NewChoos Fri 04-Nov-11 08:23:11


Hope Little bear had a better night Cora. We seem to have got the rain now, so will be staying in today which suits DH as apparently he is getting some rugby tickets delivered that need to be signed for! Little Choos slept from 2300-0400! Then went back from 0430 -0720. Think this is his best sleep so far - long may it continue- please god grin

I was interested in your scientific experiment. Shame it wasn't such a hit. Will have to research this further for us!

The Christmas fair was food and gifts and I had a lovely time with my best friend and DS who was being extra cute. DH and I are supposed to be trying to budget, I especially want to do this, as I am going back to work I don't want us frittering money away BUT I purchased quite a few things: a lovely wooden puzzle for DS, 2 scarves for me (in fairness, my favourite pashmina was ruined earlier this year), a Christmas pudding, a necklace for best friend for christmas, a steak and guinness pie and some peppermint foot cream - random hey?
I stuck to my points but again had a bit of a random day: jacket pot with tuna and sweetcorn for lunch (can't believe a jacket is now 8 points!!), A couple of teaspoons of xmas pud (I had to sample - obviously, I teaspoon of steak pie), 2 chocolate biscuits and a fruit salad. Believe it or now, I actually was under points.

Hope everyone doing well on diet!

CoraBear Fri 04-Nov-11 10:09:57

Hi Choos,

Baby Bear and Little Choos must have been in contact again because my son slept brilliantly. He went to bed at 8, woke at 4.15 for a bottle and slept again 'til 7.30. I feel like a new person. I have hoovered, hung out the laundry, done a wash and cleaned the whole kitchen (and looked after the baby obvs). I hope the babies keep up the good sleeping behaviour.

That Christmas Fair sounds cool, you were very restrained with all of your tasting. There's something so comforting about the food that's around at Christmas. You seem to have gotten a lot of food for your points, which is why I like the new points system. We bought DS's Santa present at the weekend, the shopping seems to be starting early this year, I think everyone's spreading out the cost.

My food intake was pretty good yesterday:
Breakfast: Toast with peanut butter
Lunch: Point free soup
Dinner: Stuffed aubergines (re-jigged the recipe so instead of them being nearly 22 points, they were only 16. So delicious.)

I snacked on clementine oranges and had a few options hot chocolates and an ill-advised option/coffee mocha. I was way under points, I only got to about 24 but I wasn't very hungry. Having said that I did just eat a bag of crisps for breakfast. Yum!

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