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What am I doing wrong?

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A1980 Sun 23-Oct-11 20:05:23


I needed to lose about 5-6kg or 11-13lbs. I don't eat that unhealthily, sure I need to ditch the chocolate, sweets, ice cream etc, but my main meals are generally ok.

I joined the gym a year ago and went several times a week. I still do. I lost 3.5 kg within about 3 months. It stayed static and now I've not changed my eating or exercise habits at all and I've put on more weight than I've lost. I look more toned and am fitter but I am sick of having a fat arse and wobbly thighs and a fat tummy, etc, etc.

What the hell do I need to do: starve myself adn go the gym 100 times a week?

foreverondiet Mon 24-Oct-11 07:23:33

You don't need to starve yourself or go to the gym 100 times a week.

But you do need to cut out the chocolate, treats and ice cream. Perhaps allow yourself a 100 calorie treat a day if you have kept to your calorie limit.

The gym doesn't use up as many calories as you might think (machines over estimate PLUS you'd use some if you didn't go and instead sat on the sofa) so you need to carefully watch your diet. Very easy with gym going to over compensate treats with calories used up.

VeryStressedMum Wed 26-Oct-11 00:21:54

forever is totally right, especially about the exercise. You have to use more energy than you take in in order to lose weight but you should either use or take in around 500 calories per day less than you need to lose weight in a week, otherwise it will come off just more slowly. Calculate your BMR taking the exercise into account and then you'll know how many calories you can eat per day and still lose weight. Unfortunately if you eat too much you'll gain weight regardless of how much excerise you do unless you're training for a marathon smile

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