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tips on dealing with people in your life who are negative about your diet plans...

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mambo14 Sat 22-Oct-11 22:46:47

After a whole lot of research and thinking and trying and failing WW/SW/Paul McKenna etc...I am about to start a very low calories, meal replacement type diet (LL type of thing).

The info with the diet suggests telling 'everyone in your life your plans so they can support you'...I am already thinking this is a bad idea for me!
My husband and very close friends with support me but I know the rest of my extended family, inlaws and other good friends will make disaparraging remarks about a 'faddy' diet, say I'm a mug for buying into it and come out with the dreaded lines of...

- well I just eat healthily, a little bit of what you fancy etc
- I did WW/SW and lost 3lbs every week and still went out every weekend

It makes me want to scream 'well good for you but that doesn't work for me' or 'do you think I've not tried that?'

So what do you say to people like this?

To be honest, I'm hoping to keep it as quiet as possible in the hope that when it starts working and I start looking thinner, at least then I have some evidence that it's working for me!

timidviper Sat 22-Oct-11 22:55:25

I spoke to a "Smoking Cessation" advisor recently (not for me btw, part of my job) who said they are finding not telling people a very good strategy that works well for some people. I have done SW in the past and told no-one, although it did become rather galling when DH kept telling people how he was keeping trim with no effort at all! smile

The only thing I would suggest is that of you are doing this meal replacement type of diet, try to find one that does some sort of support (I believe LL do a lot of psychology type stuff at their groups) as it may be harder to maintain the loss when you finish otherwise.

Good luck

Candid Sun 23-Oct-11 13:05:40

Timidviper lol at your dh.

Everyone is different but I find I do better when I don't make a deal of it and tell anyone. Then it feels like I'm doing it for myself and I don't feel any pressure.

mambo14 Sun 23-Oct-11 23:46:24

decided to tell 2 good friends my plans cos they know how upset i've been about my weight. They both immediately said what a terrible idea it was, how I should just do WW/SW or 'be sensible' instead and how they'd both lost 1-2stone doing this! argh!! KNEW this would happen.

Well, lesson learnt - thanks everyone - am not gonna mention it again and just get on with it quietly. Fortunately hubby and best mate are very supportive and also know someone who has done the diet who is being very supportive and inspiring so am sticking with them!

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