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rowing machines are great!

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falasportugues Sat 15-Oct-11 23:58:11

First, I got fed up with the treadmill
Then the stepper
Than the crosstrainer
And while I go on the cross trainer quite a lot still, I am so glad that I have discovered the rowing machine! It's great to have something that is not leg-based. I have also found that the technique advice on the concept2 website really helps the exercise to be enjoyable.
anyone else into rowing?

ivykaty44 Sun 16-Oct-11 04:53:24

emm - rowing is leg based - or did I miss something grin yes you use back and some upper body, but it is leg based

nooka Sun 16-Oct-11 05:09:57

Rowing should use your whole body, but I don't know if rowing machines are the same as the real thing, where the power comes all the way from your feet through to your hands. Very satisfying.

falasportugues Sun 16-Oct-11 23:11:25

yes i bet it is different on real water. I might try it out at 1/2 term i bet the kids would like being rowed about!smile

Sleepwhenidie Mon 17-Oct-11 19:45:48

It is leg based (and indeed whole body, also great for back and upper body of course) but it is amazing how many people don't seem to realise this, when you watch them at the gym, the push through the legs seems almost incidental, all of their effort is in the arm pull. If this is you, push harder through your legs before you pull, it makes such a difference!

Agreed though op, it is a great machine, as is the stairclimber. Have to day that I shun the cross trainer!

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