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want to start lighter life or W8 but what do i do if i've got a social event planned?

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mambo14 Tue 11-Oct-11 23:56:12

ok, have done loads of research and feel like I would really like to try a low calorie diet, probably W8.

I don't eat out very much and I don't drink but in the next 2 months I've got a wedding, a meal out with the girls and a sunday dinner at inlaws. What do I do about this? There is no way I can start having a shake at my MILs!! and can't very well go to a restaurant with the girls and sit and eat nothing..but I can't keep putting off starting the diet cos there will always be something won't there?

Anyone any suggestions/advice?

QueenStromba Wed 12-Oct-11 13:56:32

The easiest way to keep your calories low when you eat out is to not eat the carbs so ask for a salad or veg instead of chips or potatoes in a restaurant and have extra veg instead of the roasties and the yorkshire pudding at your MIL's.

VeryStressedMum Thu 13-Oct-11 01:26:18

I've been doing Cambridge for 3 weeks now (have lost 21lbs) luckily I don't have the most active of social lives grin, but I am going away for the night next wkend with a load of girls for a night of stuffing our faces with loads of food and drink - I, however, will be drinking water and eating shakes. I've come too far to jeopardise it for one night of doing something that I am trying so hard to stop doing ie eating and drinking loads making me fat!!!

Your friends will understand and your MIL should understand too if this means a lot to you, start it now and don't care what other people will think. You'll have the last laugh when you are what you would like to be.

foreverondiet Sun 16-Oct-11 23:10:28

Have steak and leaf salad in restaurant, that way will still be in ketosis.

Have roast beef and green veggies at MIL (speak to her about it beforehand), although don't really see why can't have shake at family members for lunch.

Wedding harder, but again eat the meat/fish and green veggies and leave everything else. Or have a shake and just stick to fizzy water or allowable diet drinks.

There will always be something to give reason to delay diet.

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