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Was this Cous Cous healthy?

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HullEnzia Thu 06-Oct-11 17:03:16

I've just made cous cous but boiled it in tomato juice instead of water, added spring onion, garlic and corriander and sprinkled with a bit of cheese.

I'm trying to lower my carbs but despite the carbs in this, is it healthyish? it tastes GORG

cyb Thu 06-Oct-11 17:06:34

Well if you ate 2 dinner plate fulls, no its not healthy. If you ate a slim person's portion, go right ahead

you boil your cous cous?

Mummyinggnome Thu 06-Oct-11 17:09:00

Wholemeal cous cous? V good until you added the cheese!

HullEnzia Thu 06-Oct-11 17:13:34

Cyb, is there another way to do cous cous?

cyb Thu 06-Oct-11 17:16:14

Well I usually just put it in a bowl, pour boiling water and a crumbled stock cube over the top and cover with a plate until its absorbed, which takes a couple of mins- I fluff it up with a fork and add a bit of butter. I dont'cook' it as such. Then I bung in whatever I fancy

chickflit Thu 06-Oct-11 17:17:30

I don't boil my cous cous I just tip some boiling water on it, shove a plate on top of the bowl and 10 mins later it's soaked up the water and fluffed out - is that what you meant you did?

Sounds delicious though

foreverondiet Thu 06-Oct-11 20:34:22

Personally I wouldn't a meal like that. High in carbs, low is good protein. I do eat some carbs like cous cous if I've done a lot of exercise but I'd only have a small portion (ie 35g -40g uncooked). Plus I'd have it with lean protein (lean meat/chicken) and stacks of veggies.

cantpooinpeace Thu 06-Oct-11 20:37:12

On slimming world you could eat that in abundance and lose weight smile

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