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I need help!

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onlygirl Mon 03-Oct-11 20:57:55

I've been with slimming world for 4 weeks and in total have only lost 3 1/2 lbs. I'm exercising more, eating healthier, but the weight is not shifting. What I was wondering was- how long should I stay with slimming world before deciding it's not for me and that I should give weight watchers a go? I feel like i'm trying really hard and getting nowheresad

Furball Tue 04-Oct-11 07:15:30

Are you completely sure you are doing it right?

Could you write a couple of days worth of food and I'll just double check.

It's just that sometimes, if you don't have the right Healty extras etc the diet doesn't work properly.

so thought it worth me double checking your menus just to make sure smile

onlygirl Tue 04-Oct-11 07:52:39

I have taken some diary's in to be checked over thank you for your offer though,smile i'll find out next week if i'm going wrong.

Was a bit miffed with myself last night so i'm going to sit today plan my weeks meals and snacks again then go to the supermarket.


Furball Tue 04-Oct-11 12:36:18


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