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one week, need to budge some weight

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TheMightyBouche Sun 02-Oct-11 21:20:10

I'm not overweight but have just found out that a 'do' I've been gearing up for next week is going to be a bigger deal than I had realised, and I think I'd feel more confident if I was a few pounds lighter.

I've done the Jason Vale juice thing before and it worked fine but I thought I'd try doing it this time with a store-bought soup (around 300-400 calories) for dinner instead of a juice, just because evenings are the time I'm most likely to throw in the towel.

Do you think this will work?

ppeatfruit Mon 03-Oct-11 16:06:28

I'm not sure what Jason Vale juice thing is but if i want to loose a bit of bloating I either use nettle tea or powder, I got that here in Fr., you could get capsules in H.F. shops in Britain. Nettle speeds up yr digestion so you need to be near a loo it does work BTW.

Also I'm on the Paul Mckenna which totally re educates yr attitude to food so you DO EAT WHEN YR HUNGRY but slowly and consciously and STOP when yr full and you eat what you want.! With No calorie counting !!!

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