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Can I have weightwatchers yoghurt on the Dukan?

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kitya Fri 30-Sep-11 10:44:22

Just starting today and trying to work out how I am going to hide the bran.

PamBeesly Fri 30-Sep-11 19:42:49

I think WW yoghurts are full of artifical sweetners and would have more carbs than a full fat yoghurt, I'm not an expert, but in order for the Dukan to work you have to follow it to the letter, good luck!

kitya Fri 30-Sep-11 20:01:46

I thought that a fat free yoghurt would be ok. Like a Greek one? Im ok so far but, the gin in the back of the cupboard is taunting me.

PamBeesly Fri 30-Sep-11 20:08:57

Can you have gin on the Dukan? Would you try Weight Watchers' instead? or Slimming World? you can have anything as long as its part of your daily allowance! If you over indulge one day you can make it up the next smile

kitya Fri 30-Sep-11 20:17:17

I dont think you can have gin but, its been one of those days! smile

PamBeesly Fri 30-Sep-11 20:20:07

Then I would forget about Dukan! Do something where you are in control (I have tried strict diets and went a bit of track and ended up sabotaging myself with guilt!)
I hope you are successful with your diet smile

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