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Can any shredheads/shreddies answer my questions please?

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WhoahThere Tue 27-Sep-11 21:07:27

So, I bought this dvd a few weeks ago - did it a few times (tried all levels) and then stopped! I seriously need to take myself in hand so am thinking of starting again tomorrow, but would love to know:

What sort of results have people seen from doing this workout?


Do many people do more than one level in a session? I'm not completely unfit and feel like I could/should do more than the 20 mins, but am wondering if I'd be better sticking to one workout and doing the full 30 days rather than trying to do more and falling by the wayside...

Your wisdom please!

Joby1970 Wed 28-Sep-11 12:37:51

I lost inches & toned up with it. Initially I would do just one session a day - but if you feel up to it you can do two. there are a few people on here who do. another way to ramp it up is to use heavier weights. but always make sure your form is correct.

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