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Does walking really get the weight off/tone you up

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Spamspamspam Tue 20-Sep-11 15:31:57

I have been properly walking my new dog for the last three weeks. Have had her for about 4 months but previously would meander a lot or take her for two short walks and as she was quite young wouldn't take her for longer than 20-25 mins. During that time we would exercise her by getting her recall training sorted and have her running in between us on our strolls or have her chasing a ball etc so she was getting the exercise but we weren't! In the last three weeks I have been taking her out on my own and walking her much more purposefully and generally 3 miles a day which I complete in about 50 mins - an hour. My legs and bum are aching each day so I know something is happening but I wanted to know if you can really lose weight and tone by doing this.

fustyarse Tue 20-Sep-11 15:58:00

I've started 'properly' walking recently, in conjunction with WW so I've been losing weight (8lbs in 4 weeks)

I got myself a pair of reebok easy tone shoes and wear them all the time

sometimes I go to the gym and powerwalk on the treadmill, ie at about 4mph on a gradient

I definitely think that walking has toned my legs and bum up, and I'm noticing myself getting smaller all over. My jeans feel looser on my legs. I don't think I'd notice it so much if I wasn't dieting too, I do have about a stone and a half to shift. The trainers are really helping, I'd recommend them.

I think for walking to have a proper effect you have to really put your back into it, IYKWIM - lean forward slightly, swing your arms, walk fast. I can walk about 4 miles in an hour which works out at 15 minutes a mile which is quite brisk.

I used to run but broke my ankle in May and it still hurts too much when I try to jog, but walking doesn't hurt it at all. Plus it's way easier.

Sleepwhenidie Tue 20-Sep-11 22:17:13

An hour walking at 3.5mph will burn about 200 calories.

If you want to lose weight the usual recommendation is to cut 500 calories a day from your required calorie intake - typically assumed to be 2000 per day but this varies according to your weight and muscle mass - in order to lose a healthy 1lb per week. So the answer to your weight loss question is that it depends on what your calorie intake is - if it is around 2000cals per day then you may lose 1/2llb per week.

Wrt to toning, yes it will definitely make a difference to muscle tone.

cecilyparsley Wed 21-Sep-11 00:36:15

any exercise that raises your heart rate above resting level for at least 20 minutes will help to reduce body fat.

Obviously the more strenuous the better so try and walk quickly, and/or walk uphill
It's not just about calories burned whilst you exercise!
Fitness and resistance training improve your insulin sensitivity so that your body is less inclined to store fat.

If you adjust your diet and exercise regularly you will lose more fat than if you only did one or the other...the two things work synergistically iyswim smile

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