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Doesi anyone else "wobble" with healthy eating just before going on holiday?

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Wiifitmama Sun 18-Sep-11 19:44:39

I am so disciplined with my healthy eating. I have been at it for nearly a year now and have lost almost 6 and a half stone. I am off on holiday tomorrow and have spent all day battling with myself mentally over food. It's like a feeling that I "might as well" since I am bound to fail on holiday anyway. Crazy, I know. I have no plans to stop healthy eating on holiday but it's like I am setting myself up to fail before I have even left. And I feel this way every time (not tha I go away very often!)

Anyone else?

DeepPurple Mon 19-Sep-11 18:28:12

I do this everytime I'm due to go on holiday/out for a meal/any other reason too. I've not really figured out why but I suppose it's the knowledge that I'll be eating differently anyway so may as well.

Well done for losing 6 and a half stone! That's a real achievement!

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