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WW, Slimming World, Rosemary Conley, MFP etc etc??

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aliedwards Sun 18-Sep-11 19:36:00

Apologies if this is too long, I'm a newbie.

I'm due to give birth November 5th, and although I've not been brave enough to get on the scales I reckon I've put on at least 5 stone if not more, and I've still got 6 weeks to go!

So I'm already considering my weight loss for after the birth. But it needs to be something compatible with breast feeding etc.

I'm due back at work May 2012, and I wear a uniform, so hoping I can get back into my old trousers in 6 months.

I've only ever done WW before. Has anyone tried a couple of the main weight loss programs and got a favourite? I hear My Fitness Pal is good and it's free which is appealing. My mum does Rosemary Conley but I must admit I like doing my exercise on my own, get too embarrassed in front of other people.


MrsWembley Sun 18-Sep-11 19:59:34

I've done SW and am planning to go back on it as soon as I stop breastfeeding. If you can't make meetings the online stuff is still bloody helpful, you just don't get the chat and the moral support that you do with the face to face time. I put on shed loads with my first baby and lost nearly three stone before getting pg again. That took 8/9 months, though it could have taken less time if I hadn't had the occasional night off (every Friday or Saturday nightblush).

I did WW years ago, but the points thing didn't suit me so can't really comment on that. Works for many, though.

Casmama Sun 18-Sep-11 20:04:18

I would suggest Slimming world. I have lost 2 1/2 stone with it. It is not calorie restricted so is compatible with breastfeeding (in fact I think you can follow it while you are pregnant) it is just a healthy way of eating really.

Good luck with the baby.

MrsWembley Mon 19-Sep-11 04:26:53

Yes, sorry, the only reason I'm not doing SW til I finish bfing is that I want to go to my old group and it's not compatible with bedtimes/last feeds, etc. My DP would be a bit snowed undergrin.

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