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Try to lose some weight.That looks horrible. (The words of my mother when she already knows i have been going to SW for seven weeks.

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carernotasaint Sun 18-Sep-11 17:05:18

Have any of you ladies experienced this and how annoyed would it make you because it has really fucked me off. Admittedly the most ive been losing is 2 pounds a week but it doesnt seem to be coming off any quicker. Anyhow thats not the issue. I have about five stone to lose (but will be satisfied with losing four) but why the fuck is she saying "try to lose some weight" when she knows fuckin damn well that that is EXACTLY what i am doing. Then gesturing towards my stomach and saying "That looks horrible." How fuckin fast does she expect it to come off FFS. Maybe i should consider doing Lipotrim (we have a local one) to make it come off quicker. I am soooo bloody annoyed. Sorry i just needed a rant to let it all out. i am bloody upset and i can see why more older women (im 38) are developing eating disorders.

foreverondiet Sun 18-Sep-11 17:38:42

My mum said when DS2 was 10 weeks old and I was EBFing.

"Forever, you are so overweight that I think you are putting your health at risk." Then she turns to my Dad who is (retired) GP and asks him what he thinks.

Luckily my dad said that I had plenty of time (like rest of my life) to lose weight but DS2 needed to be breastfed and me to have enough milk etc.

1-2lbs a week is good weight loss, if you lose more than that will be muscle now fat and you don't want to lose muscle. I lost 4 stone since October last year and apart from the first 2 weeks I never really lost more than 2lbs a week.

PlentyOfPubgardens Sun 18-Sep-11 17:51:54


I think you should consider seeing a lot less of your mum. From what you've said here and on other threads, she sounds horrible like she has some problems.

2lb/week is a healthy, sustainable target from what I understand.

pinkytheshrinky Sun 18-Sep-11 17:55:47

Well you sound like you are doing everything right - so keep going with. Losing it slowly and steadily gives you a much better chance of keeping it off

Bloody Mothers, why do they think they can speak to their children like this?

Elderberries Sun 18-Sep-11 18:20:06

You are doing really great. She sounds quite toxic to be you need her round very much? I would be up front and just tell her if she is going to say such such horrible things she can fuck off and not come round. My mum would never be that mean about weight but if she annoys me she finds out about it!

carernotasaint Mon 19-Sep-11 16:08:28

Thanks ladies Sorry about the rant. Ive calmed down a bit now. Forever to lose 4 stone in less than a year,thats amazing,congrats. Several years ago i lost ten stone and went from a size 28 down to a size 12. Her response was to give me some size 10 fitted skirts which made me feel that whatever size i got down too it would never be good enough. I remember watching a programme at hers which was about a lady who had lost 3 stone and she kept saying ooh hasnt SHE done well. I agreed but there was me sitting there having lost ten and she never used the same statement in regards to me. However i lose weight for myself not to please anyone else. I guess i have to accept that she will always be like this and its how i deal with it that matters. From now on i shall distance myself a bit more.

droves Mon 19-Sep-11 16:21:41

carernotasaint 2lb a week is good , well done grin

Can you just focus on what you have acheived ?, and keep going , your doing brilliant ! grin

You lost 10 stone before ....going from a 28 to a 12 .
You know you can do this !

carernotasaint Mon 19-Sep-11 21:59:28

Thanks droves i will fight on and get it all off. Last time my confidence grew as a result which can only be a good thing.

BelleEnd Tue 20-Sep-11 18:24:37

Oh that is really horrible. I hope you're okay. x

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