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I need Pot Shot/Noodle type recommendations for lunches please!

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TidyDancer Sun 18-Sep-11 11:41:44

Just some low fat, quick and easy stuff. I don't want to undo the hard work of losing baby weight that I've done by eating lots of bread and crisps etc at work through hunger and boredom. I like those Pot Shot things (the pasta with roast veggies or tomato, etc) and I'm looking for something similar. I am vegetarian which complicates things slightly, but I'm hoping there's something good out there!


piellabakewell Sun 18-Sep-11 11:45:35

I'm vegetarian too but couldn't bear the idea of eating highly processed food for lunch. I'll have canned soup and wholemeal bread or beans on toast if I need something quick and hot (obviously microwave needed - do you have one at work?) Holland and Barrett often have pot meals that are veggie. I tend to make extra dinner and take a portion for lunch eg pasta, sweet and sour quorn/tofu or quorn/paneer korma or I take a salad with egg, cheese or quorn slices.

TidyDancer Sun 18-Sep-11 11:58:01

Nope, no microwave! Used to have one, but it's not there now! I can only really take a cold lunch (don't really want to take salad, it gets too samey and boring!) or something that can be done with the use of a kettle or toaster!

I will check out H&B though, we have one near to work. Thank you!

foreverondiet Sun 18-Sep-11 13:20:30

Personally I wouldn't eat one of those things even if you paid me, they aren't esp high in calories, or in fat but are very processed and lots of high GI carbs.

Why not make soup and take in flask?

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