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Signed up to ww yesterday

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mummytasha11 Sun 18-Sep-11 07:41:44

Hi everyone

Feeling a bit overwhelmed tbh I don't really know where to start... Just wondering what other people have on a normal day?
I'm allowed a whopping 38 points! I can't imagine I'll ever eat those and the extra weekly points!!

Help please 

Vajazzler Sun 18-Sep-11 07:58:17

Hi mummytasha

I remember when I joined WW in may that feeling of being so overwhelmed! I had a massive 55 points a day blushto plough my way through!
3.5 stone later I'm down to 48 points and try not to eat my weekly points.
It took me a few weeks to get into it as I was trying to fit my life into the plan but now I fit the plan to my life. I eat the same things as my family but if something is high in propoints then I have a smaller portion and bulk it out with veggies. I also try and adapt normal recipes to make them lower in propoints.
There's a big WW thread in the big/slim/whatever section with lots of ladies who know their stuffsmile

Vajazzler Sun 18-Sep-11 08:07:43

Meant to say as well some examples of thing I eat
Breakfast 2 weetabix with 142 mls milk and a banana 5p
Omelette- 3 eggs loads of mushrooms 6 slices wafer thin ham some cherry tomatoes 7 pp
Prawn and egg salad- 100g king prawns 130g new potatoes 2 hard boiled eggs loads of tomatoes red onion and cucumber 9pp

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