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Has anyone trends the Idiot Proof Diet?

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way2serious Fri 16-Sep-11 20:40:53

I have just got the book and am thinking about trying this diet. I have about a stone to lose and wondered what experiences others had had. Thanks

Catsmamma Fri 16-Sep-11 20:44:06

it that Pig2Twig??

tis great, i love it, very easy to do once you get over your carb cravings

I am still quite greedy so the weight is not falling off, but this way of eating really suits me

and I find as I cook quite a bit from scratch it is easy to fit around the children and dh, I have more green veg, they have tatties and carrots.

FIFIBEBE Fri 16-Sep-11 20:52:33

I did it in 2007 and lost 6 stone. Have kept off the weight but no longer low carb to the degree which IPD decrees. Got caught up in the whole Pig 2 twig forum thing and felt part of something bigger than just dropping weight. India Knight contributed many times a day to the internet forum and that was quite exciting at the time. Weight does drop off very quickly if you follow the rules. I found it just got boring and finding creative dishes to cook became monotonous. If you only have a stone to lose, you should be fine and get on very easily with low carbing. You do need to be very strict with yourself and if you have a sweet tooth try hard to eliminate that. happy to provide any other tips/tales etc. Cabbage will become your new best friend.

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