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Slimming World people - ideas for birthday tea?

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TwigletMonster Thu 15-Sep-11 07:32:24

My parents have been doing Slimming World for a month or so now, and are doing really well.

It's my Mum's birthday next week, and I'd like to make her a cake of some sort, if it's possible. Any ideas for things that might not completely upset the weight-loss apple cart?

quornsausages Thu 15-Sep-11 08:23:51

I made a cake recently with weetabix, it shouldn't be too high on sins as it doesn't have butter and I substituted half the sugar with a mashed banana and it tasted fine.

The main thing to count would be the self raising flour and the weetabix/ sultanas could be counted as healthy extras for them. I haven't done slimming world for a while, but maybe someone clever could work out the sins for you.

see here for the recipe on MSE, other people in the thread have made little adjustments

Think there may be some cake recipes on the SW website?

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