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Decent scales - any recommendations?

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I started MyFitnessPal a few weeks ago, but our old bathroom scales are hopeless, they never reset to zero and you can get on, off and on again and be 3 pounds heavier.

I had a good look through the Argos website, the reviews seem to be fairly mixed, I'd prefer dial ones as DH uses kg and I use stones, last time we had a digital one you had to pick it up and change a switch on the bottom every time you wanted to change between the two, but you didn't know which one it had been left on until you had started it and weighed yourself.

Anyone got a really good set they can recommend?

foreverondiet Sun 11-Sep-11 16:19:27

IMO dial ones are less accurate and hard to see exact amount.

I love my tanita ones but as you say button on bottom to change from stones to kg.

Thanks, I don't have any difficulty reading my dial ones, but most of better sounding ones seem to be the very big ugly ones like you get at the doctors surgery, am starting to think that smaller digital ones might have to be the way forward. It would be nice to be able to tell which units they are set to without having to pick them up and squint at the bottom though.

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