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Does he just want me to stay fat?

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Imnotaslimjim Sat 10-Sep-11 17:23:04

I've made the decision recently to do something about my weight. I have at least 5 stone to lose and after a couple of false starts earlier in the year, I've done really well this last week, cutting right down on chocolate, cake and carbs.

Yesterday was tough, had some upsetting family news. DH come home from work with some flowers, a bottle of irish cream and a huge bar of chocolate. I didn't eat the chocolate (I would normally, I'm a comfort eater)

Today he's gone shopping for basics and come back with a flake and a custard slice "to cheer me up" and then took offence when I said, again, no thanks I'm trying to lose weight and I'll have a piece of fruit and a yogurt after tea

Does he not want me to lose weight? Or is he just too used to me turning to food in times of crisis and automatically getting me something I would normally have?

kellestar Sat 10-Sep-11 17:32:51

I would say it's usual bloke-ish-ness not paying much attention but wanting to cheer you up, my DH does it too. He knows a Twix will cheer me up in times of need. Best thing to do is say thanks, they won't remember that some nice cherries would be better. Then get someone else to eat the chocolate, before temptation gives in.

To curb my snackin I took up crochet, I was on bedrest for my SPD before DD arrived and spent alot of time making blankets and hats. At times it really saves me from myself. Now I spend all my chocolate money on wool!

Imnotaslimjim Sat 10-Sep-11 17:38:11

I like the idea of spending the choccy money on wool, I will be buying cross stitch kits! I've just started a limited edition winnie the pooh watercolour. Its massive, think it'll take me a good few months to finish!

I just feel that he isn't acknowledging that I'm really trying this time. Or that he's expecting me to fail. And it was the getting grumpy when I turned down the chocolate that annoyed me the most!

PogoBaby Sat 10-Sep-11 17:52:47

COuld the grumpiness be embarassment at getting it wrong?

He's use to you turning to food when stressed / upset etc. (same here blush) so he may have been trying to do something sweet rather than then stopping you losing weight.

Would he sit down with you and plan how you are going to lose the weight and what he can do to cheer you up instead of buying the sweet stuff?? That's what I had to do with DH when I waS trying to lose weight.

good luck with the weight loss

Imnotaslimjim Sat 10-Sep-11 18:10:56

I suppose it could have been. Was something along the lines of "only trying to do something nice, won't bother next time" huff puff, kick the cat kind of thing (not literally, we don't have a cat)

I have sat him down and told him that I'm going to try really hard to lose it. I'm joining the local gym, and sliming world with a friend who has just got her 6 stone sticker! I've told him that I will be allowed some treats and choc etc but for now I'm avoiding it completely as I can't just have one square and even if its a full bar I can't stop til its finished. I know that, so I'm just not having any for now. So he did now. I think he just forgot. But the custard slice is calling my name, I love those things!

foreverondiet Sun 11-Sep-11 19:32:35

cut custard slice in 4 and freeze. take out quarter at a time as a treat when you are ready for a little treat!

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