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signed up to WW propoints tonight

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tinkgirl Wed 07-Sep-11 21:38:04

anyone got any tips?

wizzler Thu 08-Sep-11 16:17:35

Hi Tinkgirl

For me, going on the WW thread on mumsnet was a big help.. always someone here to keep you on track and show an interest when in RL, people get bored of me saying " guess how many PP in this?"

Other than that.. going to meetings helped me a lot and made sure I didnt cheat. .... and I ate a lot of Butternut Squash ( you can chip it, soup it or roast it and its zero proppoints!)

eve34 Thu 08-Sep-11 18:27:37

tinkgirl. I have done ww since Jan and have lost 45lb now. It has taken some time, but I see it as a long term project. 20lb to go now to get to top of my health weight. Use your bonus points - they make a real difference and you can enjoy some nice extras with them.

My number one tip is to find normal foods that you like. Quavers/skips are 2 points. 2 piece kitkat or curley wurley's 3 points. Vodka soda water and fresh time 2 points. It is a case of making normal food fit around.

Good luck you will really start to notice a difference in a matter of weeks

lollipoppet Thu 08-Sep-11 21:42:01

Hi tinkgirl,
I just signed up tonight too!! trying to get my head around the website to help me do a tesco shop!
I like the tips on "normal" food with low points- skips and curly wurly, scrum!! smile

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