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Help! - so fed up and have put on a stone in a few months

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busymum34 Wed 07-Sep-11 16:03:32

Have put on a whole 15 lb since May and am absolutely gutted! I have PCOS and thyroid probs so I am prone to weight gain, especially around my tummy, but this is just going ridiculous.
Feel so sad, and frumpy.
Please motivate me!

foreverondiet Wed 07-Sep-11 18:55:40

I also have pcos and an underactive thyroid.

Firstly go to GP and check that thyroid is in right zone - for me I feel best with TSH between 1 and 2.

PCOS responds very well to a low GI low carb diet. Thats my permanent way of eating now (although as I'm at target more like 80% compliance (rather than 95% when I was in weight loss phase). Tummy fat also responds well to low sugar diet so thats another reason. I do combination of dukan and south beach.

15lbs isn't so much, you can probably get that off in a couple of months if you are focussed.

Despite the PCOS and the underactive thyroid I am managing to maintain 8 7 with 20% body fat (I am 5 4, and 36 years, have 3DC) - and I have a lovely flat tummy (a year ago tummy was one huge wobble post pregnancy). It can be done, although as I said, will have to stick to low GI low carb for life.

busymum34 Wed 07-Sep-11 21:09:09

you are 8 st 7?? wow! I am exactly the same as you height, weight and child wise! But i am 11 st 7. Ideally I like to be 9 st 10 as that is when I feel best. I have huge boobs, was 34G at last measurement and I feel this makes me look even bigger but even when I lose a lot of weight they remain. I honestly look 5-6 months pregnant at the moment sad
My thyroid is fine at the moment, TSH 1.4.
I would be so so grateful if you could help me more!

foreverondiet Wed 07-Sep-11 22:30:23

Well I weighed 12 stone 5lbs in October last year! I don't have big boobs though, was 36DD at start of diet (and end of breastfeeding) now 32C sad infact they have probably shrunk further since the last new bras I bought.

Before DC (and between) normal weight was 9 10. But seem to be maintaining 8 7.

Clean eating is good, I eat low carb low GI, protein at each meal, and have been doing a lot of exercise. I log everything on myfitnesspal. Now try to avoid sugar, processed foods, aspartame. Have tried various diets, and do combo of south beach and dukan (although don't do protein only days, like veggies too much!).

Happy to add you on myfitnesspal if you want to see what I am eating - let me know your user name.

Sample day (several dinner options, other meals don't vary much):
B 2 egg omelette, 100g fat free bio natural yoghurt, 10g oatbran
S apple
L tin sardines/tuna/mackeral, salad (tomato, cucumber, lettuce, pepper) & yoghurt dressing
S ryvita & 20g quark or 20g cashew nuts
D grilled chicken, steamed veggies or
D beef mince (100g), chopped tomatoes, aubergine, mushrooms, onions etc
D grilled fish and veggies
D quorn chicken pieces, low fat coconut milk & stir fry veggies
D pulses and veggies
S nectarine / pear

busymum34 Thu 08-Sep-11 12:23:57

wow - you have done brilliantly - that has to be an inspiration for me, thank you!
I have walked 5 miles so far today, half of those were up hill and pushing a buggy with a heavy toddler in! I think more exercise has definitely got to be part of the plan!

I will take a look at myfitnesspal now smile

busymum34 Thu 08-Sep-11 12:31:35

that is a fantastic site, have started already! username is same as on here smile

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