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elportodelgato Tue 06-Sep-11 21:56:26

Will doing the 30 day shred help me lose my baby belly? DC2 was born 7 months ago and though I am approaching getting back to my pre-birth weight my tummy looks truly AWFUL what can I do?

foreverondiet Tue 06-Sep-11 23:27:40

Yes and no.

No, if you do 30 DS every day for a month that will not be enough although it will help.

In October last year I had a wobbly horrid post baby belly. Now its solid, defined, flat (some white stretch marks but no loose skin).

IMO need to do a number of things to get flat tummy back (and if you never had a flat tummy before hand unlikely to get one now).

a) diet and get body fat down to around 20% whilst maintaining muscle mass, for me my BMI is 20.5 for others with less muscle BMI will be lower than 20.5 to have body fat this low.
b) 30 DS every day for several months. (I also went to gym, trained for triathlon and duathlon, lifted weights etc.) Plus extra planks other abs exercises whenever I get a free moment.

RLHLW Wed 07-Sep-11 08:44:58

Are you supposed to do shred like workout level 1 for X amount of days and then progress to level 2 etc.? in effect there are only 3 different workouts - one at each level? or have i missed something confused

I did level 1 yesterday, between beginner and advance intensity (and wearing the hot pants). It was OK for me but not as much work as say a combat class. Am not particularly sore today, I also used 2kg hand weights.

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