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Joined slimming world last night.

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Sofabitch Tue 06-Sep-11 08:17:15

I have loads to loose. But I am determined to do well I do not want to be fat anymore. I will be uber thin. smile

LadyLou30 Tue 06-Sep-11 11:06:32

I joined SW online last week too. There isn't even a forum though so hoping to find other SWorlders here smile

Sofabitch Tue 06-Sep-11 12:54:40

How are you finding it? I was doing ok till my walkers sunbites came through the door grin but hey only 6 syns.

MrsHoolie Tue 06-Sep-11 13:58:02

Hi there. I did SW last year after DS was born and lost 3 stone. I found it quite easy once I'd got used to it.
I rejoined last week (online as can't get to classes now back at work)as I want to lose another 1.5st.
I follow the Extra Easy plan,I don't really understand the red/green days!
Good luck!

MrsHoolie Tue 06-Sep-11 13:58:34

How much do you want to lose Sofabitch?

Sofabitch Tue 06-Sep-11 14:11:21

Um blushblush 7 stone. blushblush

LadyLou30 Tue 06-Sep-11 15:39:48

I did it years ago when it was red/green so do a mix of both. Its ok don't stick to it ridgidly but use it as a guide. Just onfused about a few things - can't find the syns for an avacado and i can't find an option for ryvita in my daily diary and i'm sure it is a healthy extra?? to be a healthy BMI i'd have to lose about 4.5/5 stone but i'd be happy with 2 or 3 stone off to be honest smile

MrsHoolie Tue 06-Sep-11 18:24:36

Have you got this month's SW magazine?there is someone in it who's lost 20 stone shock
I use the mags for recipe ideas. The've got a 7 day meal planner for Extra Easy too for ideas.
I was the heaviest I'd ever been after DS,God knows what I was at the pregnancy!

TheMonster Tue 06-Sep-11 18:32:48

I re-joined last week and lost 7.5lbs this week smile

AstronomyDomine Tue 06-Sep-11 18:44:38

I rejoined in May this year - have lost 1st 8.5lb so far, weigh in tomorrow night.
Avocado is about 2.5 syns per 28g I think ...14 syns per average fruit.
Ryvita is healthy extra b - 4 biscuits or 2 biscuits speed.

TheMonster Wed 07-Sep-11 19:25:03

Well done, Astonomy.
I love avocados. I miss them.

Sofabitch Wed 07-Sep-11 22:05:29

Well done. That's great. I'm eating so much. I can't stop thinking about food blush I'm at work for a double night shift and I've already eaten the fruit and yogurt I brought in for breakfast and am now thinking about munching tomorrow's lunch as a snack blush despite eating a huge bowl of chilli for tea (free on EE)

timidviper Wed 07-Sep-11 22:10:41

There is a SW thread called The Big Fat [something] and the Day of Doom or similar. Look out for it, it is great for advice and recipes.

I joined in June and have lost 1st 10lb and it has not been too hard. Sofabitch I have a similar amount of weight to lose as you have so you are not alone!

Cheeseandbiscuits Wed 07-Sep-11 22:22:23

COme join our SW thread thread

KittyWalker Wed 07-Sep-11 22:25:11

I rejoined today! Out for my friends 40th tomorrow, will be careful but starting with force on Friday!

7.5lbs - great weight loss, well done Body! smile

Sofabitch Wed 07-Sep-11 22:30:30

I can't click the link ? How odd.

Cheeseandbiscuits Wed 07-Sep-11 22:32:18

Oh its the big fat list and the day of doom!

AstronomyDomine Thu 08-Sep-11 10:34:25

Ooh - 3 more lbs off smile

KnickersOnOnesHead Fri 16-Sep-11 13:09:04

I joined 2 weeks ago and have lost half a stone and 5inches so far!!

carernotasaint Fri 23-Sep-11 00:37:28

I rejoined early last month and have been following it religously having between 6 and 11 sins a day,measuring my milk and having my Healthy Extras and have lost the princely sum of five pounds in seven weeks. Not happy.

Sofabitch Fri 23-Sep-11 06:39:05

Which plan have you been following? I've lost 8 1/2lbs in 2 weeks and I've been eating loads?

carernotasaint Fri 23-Sep-11 21:23:08

Ive been doing the Green plan. i tried EE but i gained weight on that so wont do it again.

AnneTwacky Sat 24-Sep-11 08:21:42

I joined yesterday and am trying the EE plan to start with and see how it goes.

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