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redglow Sun 04-Sep-11 23:23:31

Hi, I have no willpower. Has anybody ever been hypnotised to lose weight. Did it work or is it a waste of money.?

BustersOfDoom Mon 05-Sep-11 00:15:26

I've never been hypnotised to lose weight but I did try it to stop smoking. It didn't work. However, the hypnotherapist said she had put me into a very relaxed state before she sent me home. She must have done as I fell asleep on the sofa for 3 hours! But I still wanted a fag when I woke up grin

redglow Mon 05-Sep-11 07:40:38

Thanks Buster I suppose everbody would do it, if it was that easy.

ZZMum Mon 05-Sep-11 09:14:41

you still need willpower with hypnosis - it makes you more aware of your habits and can give you some tools to support making better choices but really does not provide an automatic override to bad habits... I do think it has some value though and would recommend some of the books that use some hynpotic suggestions and NLP type work as some extra support ... I like Adore Yourself Slim ...

dearprudence Wed 07-Sep-11 20:01:23

The hypnosis I had was absolutely rubbish. I didn't even feel as motivated as I would after listening to a half-hour paul mckenna CD - and this took 2 hours and cost me nearly £100.

I would consider trying it again, but only with someone who came highly recommended by people I trust.

HowToLookGoodGlaikit Wed 07-Sep-11 21:15:33

I use Paul McKenna, which is not quite hypnosis, more NLP. Anyway, it works wonders, we have a thread of successful people who have tried it! You can get the book & CD for about £5 and it is quite possibly the easiest thing you have ever done!

hypnorich Tue 20-Nov-12 08:43:26

zzmum - "you still need willpower with hypnosis - it makes you more aware of your habits and can give you some tools to support making better choices but really does not provide an automatic override to bad habits.."

Erm, no. You're wrong. I am a hypnotherapist and what you said is not right. You need a desire for change for hypnosis to have the best chance of success but willpower is NOT needed. Willpower is a conscious process where people usually try to NOT do something.
With hypnotherapy it works with your desire for change and works on an unconscious level (if it is done right!). This means that you don't have to consciously try to do something, you just do it.
You must have heard of those people who had hypnotherapy for stopping smoking and never touched them again. There was no desire for smoking left. They didn't have to TRY to not smoke, they just didn't. This is because they had unconscious resources that were helping them make positive choices to move themselves in a more preferable direction.
(PS. Sorry for arriving a year late to the conversation but I like to be able to correct misconceptions about what hypnosis is and is not. I hope my professional insight helps others to have a more accurate view of what hypnotherapy is capable of.)

EmberRainbow Sun 25-Nov-12 17:47:01

I had a hypnosis session to stop smoking, i decided to do it as i didn't feel i had the willpower or any support (as most others i knew at that time smoked) to just stop.

Since leaving the session i have never had any compulsion to smoke at all - and that was over 10 years ago!

The hypnosis also made my feel great, helping my confidence and self esteem.

I have recently been using self hypnosis (although this is because i know i am susceptible to hypnosis as it's previously worked and i didn't feel what i wanted to achieve was worth a proper session) it's worked brilliantly to stop me snacking on rubbish/chocolate at any opportunity!

Why not try it, if it's affordable to you and you find a hypnotist you get on with (i spoke to a few by phone first before deciding who to book with) and it can not only help with the weight loss but help you with confidence/self esteem and energy levels which will all assist your goal.

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