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Advice needed on low fat diet

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AfternoonDelight Sun 04-Sep-11 08:16:24


I'd like some advice on a low fat diet please. I've been diagnosed with gallstones and my doctor has told me to avoid fat as much as possible to stop symptoms reoccurring. I needed to diet anyway, I'm very much overweight, but I've just had a baby and wanted to keep using her as an excuse to order Domino's get settled into a routine first!

Does anyone have any good places to get recipes etc? Would it be worth following something like Slimming World? All I can think of to eat at the moment is grilled chicken with vegetables, and pasta with creme freshe (sp) . I'm terrified that if I eat too much fat in a meal the pain will come back - but at the same time I can't live on grilled chicken forever, I'll go insane!

Also if anyone has any info on calorie/fat free chocolate, do let me know. The diagnosis was sudden and I didn't get a chance to say goodbye <hopeful>

ppeatfruit Sun 04-Sep-11 09:09:41

Hello afternoon. IMO it depends on the fat; it's the saturated and hydrogenated fat most people need to cut down on. Olive oil and other cold pressed oils are GOOD for you. so maybe google a mediteranean diet. You will have to read labels though because most spreads have palm oil in which is saturated, I use olive oil instead of butter on my non wheat bread and crackers etc. i also eat 70% cocoa content non dairy choc. a couple of squares a day. Which you get used to eventually when you're on the paul mckenna (see below) !

Aren't gallstones also caused by dehydration? So plenty of filtered water is a good idea.

Another idea is to google earth clinic which has loads of ideas for naturally treating ailments.

For healthy weight loss forget S.W. and W.W. and go for Paul Mckenna which actually trains yr body to eat slowly and consciously (see our thread) we're helpful and unsmumnettily kind grin. See you there?

foreverondiet Sun 04-Sep-11 11:01:39

Rosemary Connely's books great for low fat, she discovered her low fat diet due to gallstones. I think just try and follow one of her plans?

Have you tried lindt 95%? Not fat free though, maybe you can do something with fat reduced cocoa powder?

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