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Vegetarian low carb/low fat lunches, anyone?

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TidyDancer Sat 03-Sep-11 19:51:42

Am back at work now from ML and am looking to not get into bad habits wrt food. The easiest thing to do for lunch is a sandwich in a lunchbox with other assorted items (crisps, cereal bar, fruit etc) but I'm very aware that I could easily go overboard with the carbs. Being vegetarian, it's difficult to do the classic low carb diet because I don't eat meat or fish.

The trouble is, we don't have a big office fridge (big enough for milk only) so I can't really do anything like salad because it would be horrid by lunchtime if not kept cool (I'm not keen on that many salad-y things anyway, so it would get boring as an every day meal very quickly!), and there's nowhere to heat anything like soup either.

Can anyone think of anything I can do for lunch that would be primarily low carb, but also low fat? It has to be vegetarian, but not vegan.

TIA. smile

defineme Sat 03-Sep-11 22:38:03

If you put ice packs in your lunch box you shouldn't need a fridge.
I take cottage cheese-I like the flavoured ones like pesto and stuff.
I take salad veg like carrots, peppers, cucumber and so on-leaves/lettuce will wilt unless you keep it in a separate bag and mix it before you eat.
egg mayo?use low fat mayo or yog-gherkins finely chopped are nice for low carb flavour.
I quite like marianated tofu-would that work in a salad?
muller light yoghutrs are my low carb pudding of choice.
Tbh proper low carb will be hard if you're vege.

TidyDancer Sun 04-Sep-11 11:18:28

Ooh thank you, some great pointers there!

It sucks that it's hard to do low carb. Low fat, low calorie, they are easy peasy! But low carb is shite. sad

foreverondiet Mon 05-Sep-11 15:04:05

- Greek yoghurt / cottage cheese good low carb diary options, other yoghurts are not really low carb.
- Eggs?
- Soya products eg salami or even sausages?
- Pulses?
- Quorn chicken pieces in a salad?

chunkythighs Tue 06-Sep-11 02:31:43

Lots of ideas here!

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