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SW vs WW (I know it has been asked a zillion times before)

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mixedmamameansbusiness Sat 03-Sep-11 19:50:21

Simple as that really. Lost 3 stone with WW after DS2 and now need to lose 3 stone after DS3. I like WW and it worked for me and I knew I was deliberately letting myslef slip back because we were trying for DS3 so feel it suits me and could be upheld long term, but just wondering if SW might be less fussy.

TBH the blurb is a bit confusing as I guess they dont want to give away any secrets.

So a simple vote with a small explanation why.

(BTW DH is going to doing it with me but he is a must have rice man and eats curry at least once oreferably twice a week with second helpings and has grown up this way so it is difficult to know which will help more).

MrsHoolie Sat 03-Sep-11 23:23:24

I did SW after having my DS. I chose SW over WW as you can eat a lot more!
I love my carbs too so I do the Extra Easy plan which means I don't have to weigh my pasta.
It took me a couple of weeks to get my head round but now it's 2nd nature.
I have lost 3 stone btw.
Why don't you go and buy the latest SW and WW magazines and see what appeals?

mixedmamameansbusiness Mon 05-Sep-11 12:53:12

Thats a good idea. What is the Easy plan? I thought that you had green days (is that a carb day) and red days (protein????). If you dont have to weigh then can you not just eat whatever you wanty?

HowToLookGoodGlaikit Mon 05-Sep-11 14:55:51

SW extra easy is the way to go if you want to eat curry (no cream though!) and rice together. I feel their red/green days are overly complicated and they try hard to promote EE instead. With EE you can eat carbs & meat together, un-weighed but at least one third of your portion/plate must be made up of fruit/vegetables (not potatoes/peas/swetcorn).

MrsHoolie Mon 05-Sep-11 15:14:36

I don't understand the red and green days so have always just done EE.
Unlimited fruit and veg,unlimited lean meat,unlimited pasta/potatoes.
Obviously there is more to it than that,the magazine explains it in more detail.
On a typical day I'll have muller light and fruit for breakfast,ham and salad sandwich for lunch and for dinner pasta/spag Bol/chilli/chicken and home made chips.A curly wurly for pudding or a meringue nest.

I do have to be organised as I work and take food with me but often will have leftovers from the night before for my lunch.

ppeatfruit Mon 05-Sep-11 16:33:28

For a good weight loss plan that addresses ALL issues of emotional, self esteem and educates yr body to eat the correct way. I'd go for Paul Mckenna every time. It doesn't involve costly,humiliating meetings or weighing or cal. counting or "special diet" cxxp foods.

Also IT WORKS!!!! i've lost the 2 stone i wanted to and am maintaining. See you on our thread? smile

foreverondiet Tue 06-Sep-11 21:00:33

I think SW addresses healthy eating, and is better for a sustainable way of eating.
I think WW addresses portion control but in an artificial way (ie should control quantities by your appetite not by how many points you have)

But neither addresses both which are essential for long lasting weight loss.

I use a combination of clean eating, calorie control (myfitnesspal) and Paul Mckenna (so only eat when hungry). Why bother with paying £££ to either?

HeyH0 Thu 08-Sep-11 20:04:38

If you don't need or want to participate in a weekly meeting then, as has already been said, there are plenty of free/low-cost calorie counting websites & aps available.

If, however, you feel you'd benefit from the club/meeting approach & are tempted by SW then also take a look at WW's poorly promoted Simply Filling plan, which encourages the consumption of unprocessed & lower GI foods. Essentially, you can eat lean protein, wholemeal pasta, pulses, brown rice, low fat dairy and the majority of fruit 'n' veg "until satisfied" (i.e. without pointing them), but are also allocated a fund of points, circa 2000 calories worth, to use each week on foodstuffs that aren't on the 'filling & healthy' food list (pdf link) .

PassTheTwiglets Fri 09-Sep-11 18:28:46

I htink both diets are complicated until you know them. As for which to choose, it boils down to this:

SW: eat as much as you like from a restricted food list
WW: eat whatever you like but your portions are restricted

So it depends how you like to eat - if you get very hungry and you are happy to have your foods restricted then SW will suit you best. But if yo're one of these people (like me) who can't bear being only allowed to eat certain things then WW will suit you best. Yes, yes, I know that technically you can eat anything on SS in the form of syns but let's face it, there aren't enough syns for this to be practical.

jubilee10 Fri 09-Sep-11 19:29:22

I have "done ww three times, always loosing about a stone before I gave up. I found all the counting points quite tiring.

I am currently going to sw and have lost 1st in 6 weeks (that's quite good for me) and I have not yet felt deprived. I bought the curry heaven cookbook and am working my way through the recipes. They are really good.

I like big portions but don't eat sweets, cakes, biscuits. My downfall is crisps and chips and you can make your own sw chips.

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