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Recipes for Autumn/Winter Lunchtime Salads/Slow Cooker Meals - Busy Days Ahead!

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working9while5 Sat 03-Sep-11 17:31:49

Hi there

Looking for inspiration!

I am about to have a very hectic couple of months. I had been working 2.5 days a week p/t but am about to work 3.5 days in 3 (8 - 5.30) and I will be studying similar hours for another two days. I live 1.5 hours from home. This means that M, T, W, Th and S I will be basically out of the house from morning til night, and it will be like this until Christmas.

I need to be able to eat something fairly substantial in the daytime but I am not really a fan of soup (without crusty white bread and butter, anyway!) and my access to microwaves etc will be variable. I want to start ttcing in December, and I have a stone and a half to lose by then so there won't be an awful lot of wiggle room for eating out etc.

I also need slow cooker/slow roast recipes that are reasonably easy to prepare and not ultra calorific, but will feed dh and ds (22 months).

Tall order? Not for the MN Big/slim/whatever weight loss club, right?

Even though I'm not one to eat tomatoes unless they are well hidden in a curry sauce/on a pizza?

Totally doable? Right? <shifts on feet nervously, looks around, bites fingernails>

yogabird Sun 04-Sep-11 08:36:22

<lurks with interest> Just been given a slow cooker and haven't even opened the box!

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