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Kettlercise DVD

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TartyMcFarty Thu 01-Sep-11 13:54:13

Will probably post this on sport & exercise too - need opinions please!

Has anyone tried the Kettlercise Just for Women DVD? It sounds hideous I know, but I really want to do a Kettlebell class and there isn't one round here (ridiculous, but that's another thread).

If so, what weight did you start at? I'm considering buying a 6kg bell but suspect 4kg might be more realistic!

HeyH0 Thu 01-Sep-11 16:42:52

My lightweight kettlebell is 8kg, that's what most instructors will start women on.

I'm by no means an expert and haven't seen the Kettlercise offering, but as you're not having professional instruction do some research online to make sure the form shown is 100% correct. I've watched several DVD's (with nice routines) that demonstrate absolutely appalling technique.

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