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Need to loose a stone but have no motivation. Come and share your tips

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twofalls Thu 01-Sep-11 11:41:12

I am 5ft nothing and weight 9.4. I want to be 8.4 - the weight I was before I had the dds (5 and 18months). I know what to do because I have done it before (after dd1):

DIET:Jason Vale turbo juice/smoothie for breakfast, homemade soup or salad for lunch (or another smoothie), chicken or fish for dinner with veggies snacking on raw veg, nuts and seeds (in moderation). Its based on JV turbo charge your life diet.

EXERCISE: Shredding or power yoga at least 5 times a week

TREAT: I have promised myself £500 to spend on new clothes when I get to my target weight (have just had a tax rebate and haven't bought anything since before DD2 was born).

I know I can do it. I know how to do it. I know I will feel better when I have done it.

So why do I feel like I can't be arsed? confused

foreverondiet Thu 01-Sep-11 12:19:08

Not sure why you don't have the willpower but I couldn't eat like that or I'd be starving all day and end up picking, although if its worked for you before..... IMO you need more protein to feel satisfied, plus dieting without enough protein results in muscle loss along with fat loss.

Motivational tips.... what worked for me was a sport event to train for and lots of mini goals. I logged everything I ate and provided I had calories spare allowed myself a 100 calorie treat each day if I needed it. Minimum 1200 calories a day, sometimes more if exercising. No refined carbs, and minimal pasta / rice / potatoes / bread etc. Do eat starchy veggies, pulses and fruit though.

And protein at each meal (egg breakfast, fish/cottage cheese salad lunch, meat/poultry/ quorn dinner).

I have been dieting since October. I am 5 4. I weighed 12 5 am now 8 7 - maintainance phase since June, DS2 now 16.5 months.

twofalls Fri 02-Sep-11 08:16:07

Thanks and well done, you must feel amazing. The thing with the Jason vale diet is that the juices/smoothies really do fill you up but I take your point about more protein.

I think my problem is just the preparation making sure I have the right foods in and planning what to eat rather than just grabbing something st the last minute. I also love carbs and I know they are my downfall.

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