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September Startover

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talkingnonsense Thu 01-Sep-11 10:34:39

I need to overhaul my eating and exercise habits. Im 40 and this morning I weigh 66.6 kilos. I live off tea and cake and as I may be gluten intolerent this is not a good idea!
So today is September 1st. Ive tried food focus to keep me in line, but I just dont log in. BUT, I log in to mumsnet every day. And this thread will be there, looking at me, guilting me, spurring me on!
So, I want this to be a proper change, not a quick fix, so I'm going to take one step at a time. This week I'm going to drink 8 glasses of water a day, and try to stop at 5 cups of tea (currently on 10-12!). I'm also going to get my five a day fruit and veg. Next week i shall look at sugar.
Exercise wise I am aiming for 4 sessions a week, plus I walk the dog every day.
So, today i have done an hours circuit training, drunk 2 big glasses of water and eaten a nectarine. I'll see how I do by the end of the day. Hopefully by the end of september I'll have really improved what I eat, and then I shall aim to drop to 63 kilos (thats 10 stone). Anyone got any advice?
And I refuse to learn how to hide this thread, it is going to be my conscience. grin

itstheclimb39 Thu 01-Sep-11 10:49:58

Hi talking, I was just about to start a 'September' thread so please can I join up with you?
It's got to the point now where I'm getting seriously depressed by my size. I think the way you're breaking down your journey is a great idea!
As for me though I need something quick to spur me on, I was thinking of going to Boots this morning & buying some of the Tony Ferguson products to give me a kick start. I weigh 12 2 sad & want to be 10 stone so I will also need to have this thread to support me.

talkingnonsense Thu 01-Sep-11 17:36:12

Yes please help me itstheclimb! So far I have eaten 3 of my fruit and veg, drunk all my five cups of tea - sad, and had 5 glasses of water. Te water thing is hard, no wonder I am always dehydrated.
What is the Tony ferguson thing about, I have seen it on display but not investigated further?

talkingnonsense Thu 01-Sep-11 19:56:22

Have had my 5 a day, yay! Stopped at 5 cups of tea, and drank 7 water so far. Have a shocking headache!

IBlameThePenguins Thu 01-Sep-11 20:36:23

Please may I join you? I have been loosing weight (really) slowly, and need a boost to carry on. I have lost s stone, but still have 1st 2lb to loose. I, too, am aiming to eat my five a day and cut down on the amount of tea I drink. I am also aiming to up my exercise to 3 30 minute sessions a week. It feels like such a long haul that it'd be great to keep posting here for some support!

Talking What is food focus?

itstheclimb39 Fri 02-Sep-11 08:09:12

Well done Talking sounds like you had a great 1st day, how's your headache?
Hi Penguins wow 5 stone loss so far is fantastic! Well done.
I bought the Tony plan yesterday & will start tomorrow. Boots do a starter pack for £39.99 which supplies everything for the 1st week. It looks ok to follow, maybe a little boring but tbh I just need something easy & uncomplicated to follow at the moment what with it being back to school next week & I'm also starting a new job.
Hope you both have good days. I think mine's going to be a last day blow out!!!!

talkingnonsense Fri 02-Sep-11 10:27:38

Good luck with the new job climb! Perhaps it will keep you too busy to eat?
Hi penguin, wow 5 stone! You will inspire me. Food focus/ my fitness pal are online places where you write down what you eat and they tell you the calories etc, a lot of people here recommend them but I am not dedicated enough.
I had a cracking headache yesterday, but it felt good not to wake up dehydrated. 2 glasses of water so far today ( and two cups of tea). 66.5 on the scales this morning so a nice encouraging start. Am off to do school run and walk the dog, so far so good!

talkingnonsense Fri 02-Sep-11 16:22:18

Just had my fifth cup of tea, with a piece of cake, may have peaked too early! Had loads of water so far, 3 of my f and v with two more veggies planned for dinner.
Is Tony furguson meal replacements then climb? Hope they weren't too vile if so!
Penguins, I'd love to know how you have managed five stone?

livinonaprayer Fri 02-Sep-11 16:35:37

Hi there, may I join? I have a heck of a lot of weight to lose and after putting it of all summer I have to start! I am trying not to think of it as a diet as usually I lose some and then give up. I need to overhaul my whole lifestyle. I have 3 dc and don't want to be a fat mum who can't run around with her children, and sets a bad example.

Nor do I want to hate clothes shopping and dread going on nights out!

Sorry if that all sounds a bit depressing but though writing it down would remind me how i feel!

this is my new start, I am trying to break it into more manageable targets.

So here goes!

talkingnonsense Fri 02-Sep-11 16:38:25

That's what I'm trying to do too Livin. What do you fancy for your first target?

livinonaprayer Fri 02-Sep-11 19:43:59

I am going to break it into half stones I think, similar to weight watchers as I have found that works, at least at the beginning because it happens fairly quickly to begin with.
I am going to roughly follow their points plan but like you I need to have more water and more fruit as well.

I also have to come up with other ways of destressing as I have studying to do and I tend to nibble on crap snacks more when I'm doing my study!

I am also going to put a pic of me on the beach inside my cupboard doors, the pic is awful! blush

talkingnonsense Sat 03-Sep-11 08:13:35

That sounds brave! Drinking more water is making me feel better already, I think I was quite dehydrated.
66.3 this morning, have had fruit and carrot sticks, and no tea yet! Am v pleased with myself. Just to say, I haven't even started looking at the rest of my diet, so am still eating choc, biscuits, butter, etc- going to tackle all those in the next 3 weeks!

Hi everyone
Can I join your thread also. I don't usually post on threads not a lot of self confidence and worried about responses lol x
I have rather a lot of weight to lose and have been doing MFP for nearly 3 weeks have lost about 9ibs.
I just have to learn to keep it up and really believe I can lose the weight.
I have started eating 3 meals aday previously 1/2 never breakfast and definately no water but this has increased also.
Exercise is my downfall but am rigorously exercising 5 times per week using wii fit, just dance or run/walk method whilst taking dog out.
The 3 things that spur me on are wanting to go to everyday clothes shops without walking out empty handed and breaking my heart because nothing fits, also holiday booked next year oh and the young children that call me fatty in the street.
Apologies for the long post and very good luck to everyone xxx

mamasunshine Sat 03-Sep-11 09:29:14

Hi, can I join too? Feeling very similar to many of you i.e no confidence, feel fat and frumpy in everything, dread clothes shopping etc etc. Have had 3 babies in 3 years and my body is mainly fat now...but I do have 3 gorgeous children so that's the positive smile

I started the 30 day shred on the 1st with the aim of doing it every day. Also cutting out my evening chocolate binges to start and trying to increase water. I'm 10st 10lb and my first weight target is to get to 10st 5lb so my bmi with be in the 'normal' range (my long term target is 9st). Concentrating on small amounts though to try and keep it 'bearable'.

Have a winter beach holiday booked with lots of family so I REALLY need to make a BIG improvement by then, otherwise I'll spend 2 weeks in tears and being depressed and covered up etc.

talkingnonsense Sat 03-Sep-11 09:45:58

9lb, well done ohijustdontknow. We need penguins to tell us how she lost 5 stone for inspiration!
Mamasusshine, you sound really down about your body. I know it's frustrating to be just over a healthy bmi, and to know that losing a stone would make a huge difference, so try really little baby steps- that is what I'm doing. But life gets in the way, hence this thread as my conscience.
General advice, don't let your size spoil having fun on your holiday. Being overweight is not immoral or equal to being a horrid person.

talkingnonsense Sat 03-Sep-11 19:21:37

Well I just had the fifth cup of tea, which I was hoping to manage without. Still, I had more than 5 f and v, and I went for a (short!) run this morning. Must go and drink some more water.

I have embraced my house work today as this burns lotsof calories and have done a bit on the Wii fit.
I like the idea of taking it bit by bit 7ibs at at time, so thats how I am going to monitor it all.
Only Managed 3 glasses of water today but have brought a weeks worth of salad and fruit for lunches at work. Trying to be prepared so temptation to pop to the shops on a lunch time wont happen.
I must be taking it seriously I let my dd have my galaxy that dh brought me as havent touched chocolate for 2 weeks.

IBlameThePenguins Sat 03-Sep-11 23:26:23

Hi all, sorry I've not been back for a while...I have my parents visiting, so it's all a bit hectic. I am afraid, that was supposed to say I have lost a stone...not embarrassing, and really not that inspiring at all..sorry blush

I have managed to stick to under 5 cups of tea, and went out for a meal this eve and chose the very healthy option! I've also been doing the 30 day shred, which i think is helping!

Sorry again for the typo...I feel a bit of a fraud now blush

Lucewheel Sun 04-Sep-11 10:22:36

Well done ladies on your sept start! I would love to join you all. I have about a stone to drop but it is more the body tone that I want to work on and the lack of which is making me feel low. I have 4 dc's and work full time which I have been using as an excuse to not excercise enough blush. I love the idea of breaking this journey down so I am going to start the 30 shred today, drink more water and less coffee and try not to snack between leaving work and sitting down to dinner.
What games do you use on the wii fit dontknow?

talkingnonsense Sun 04-Sep-11 20:07:57

Never mind penguins, a stone would be great for me! I didn't have a great day today, too much chocolate and only 3 of my f and v. But I did do a 2 hour dog walk, and just about drank enough water. Oh and I did stop at 4 cups of tea! Tea and cake/ biscuits/ chocolate is my big downfall.
Lucewheel, I dont have a wiifit but I think the shred will be great if you can squeeze in the time- I really struggled when I worked full time and I only have 2 dc. I used to squeeze in a lunchtime walk sometimes, and once a week dh would try sand get home in time for me to do a class.
Anyone any top tips for the f and v?

talkingnonsense Mon 05-Sep-11 07:24:37

I know I shouldn't weigh every day, but when I don't I eat even more- 67 kilos today so gutted, heaviest I've been in ages, kept swearing I wouldn't go back above 66! Drinking water as I type, going to get the kids up and off to school, house is a bombsite, could cry. But I won't! I will eat an apple!

mamasunshine Mon 05-Sep-11 11:51:54

Oh talking you'll get there, but stop weighing yourself daily!! I've always found if I weigh myself too often I get fed up when the weight fluctuates and end up eating something bad in despair. So best to stick to weekly at the most. I actually had to get rid of our scales as I was becoming obsessed. I just weigh myself in boots each week now (+have to walk there and back so extra exercise too!) Just ignore the scales for a week and keep doing what you know will work in the long run i.e. eating healthiy and exercise smile Extra F&V raw veggie sticks dipped in humous etc for snacks, fruit for breakfast with muesli/yogurt, salad with lunch, 1/2 of your plate at meal times to be full of veg! Unfortunately my family view being 'slim' as a no1 priority sad

Tea lovers have you tried herbal teas, in particular red bush, has a very tea like taste.

Well done on the no chocolatoe ijustdon'tknow - my biggest downfall

penguin - a stone loss is fantastic smile Losing any weight is HARD!

lucewheel -you sound very busy shock ! I find getting up earlier than everyone else i.e 6am to do 30mins exercise and a quick shower sets me up really well for the day.

Well I just weighed myself and I haven't lost any weight, but I've done the shred everyday so I wasn't expecting weightloss just yet. Will weigh myself in a week and see if it's starting to come off then <<<<wishful thinking>>>>

Doing well with the no evening binges and not drinking any alcohol either. Need to do better on water front though, I used to buy 1.5/2 litre bottles and makesure I'd drank the whole thing before the end of the day, soo think I will do that again as it worked quite well.

AlwaysRocking Mon 05-Sep-11 20:20:10


Can I join in? dd is 4 months old now and I really feel it's time I stopped using 'I just had a baby' as an excuse for eating biscuits! Also getting my evenings back a bit so I can attempt some healthy home cooking. Don't own scales but would like to be back in my pre-pregnancy clothes by xmas.

talkingnonsense Tue 06-Sep-11 10:26:31

Hi always, wish i had sorted my babyweight that early!
Mama, you do speak sense. But I did weigh this morning blush, 66.8. have had an apple but already had 4 cups of tea! I'm not keen on redbush, but I like peppermint ( particularly with a piece of plain chocolate). I dont drink coffee at all.
I have a tip for today- look through your bathroom cupboard! I found a lovely body cream I was saving for best, and I'm going to use it to try and make me feel better about my body. Or go buy one, even a cheap one from the supermarket, so our skin doesn't sag as we lose weight and tone up!

mamasunshine Wed 07-Sep-11 10:10:41

Hi always I have dd 7mo and only just getting into seriously thinking/trying to lose weight/tone up! I also want to be back to pre-pre-pre pregnancy by Xmas as have a beach holiday booked! It's so hard somedays when feeling exhausted though!

talking - do creams really make a difference with the skin sagging? If so which one's do I need to buy?!!

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