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What do you eat for breakfast?

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Seepage Thu 01-Sep-11 09:09:39

I hate breakfast. I like coffee. I can eat toast but I then tend to add an inch of butter and peanut butter (because that's nice and I am greedy)

I don't like cereals. I don't like milk. I also don't have time or inclination to start cooking stuff when I get up.


What can I eat that is pretty instant and doesn't involve milk or cooking?

seasidesister Thu 01-Sep-11 09:18:42

Today I had 2 slices of brown bread toasted with a banana and a cup of tea.

I hate milk in the morning too.

Fruit smoothie, make it with banana or yoghurt to thicken.
Bagel with ham and cream cheese.
Toast and nutella and raspberries.
Muffin and marmite.
Cheese and an apple...

kotinka Sun 04-Sep-11 16:25:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cat64 Sun 04-Sep-11 16:50:37

Message withdrawn

RumourOfAHurricane Sun 04-Sep-11 22:31:26

Message withdrawn

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