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Is there any exercise you can do

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AbsDuWolef Sun 28-Aug-11 21:20:17

that gets rid of the flabby bits around your hip bone? (you know, above the butt area and below the lower back)

this kind of thing


ppeatfruit Mon 29-Aug-11 14:31:00

I've managed to define my waist (which I didn't have when i was a size 8 ) and i don't have those flabby bits so this might help you smile

1.Lie or stand straight and massage the heel of yr. hand from the base of yr right rib to the centre.
2. repeat with yr. left hand on the left side of yr rib.

And Or

!. while lying or standing bring both yr hands in an outside praying position IYSWIM and massage from just above yr groin to yr solar plexus while doing this.
2. turn your lower body to the right and at the same time turn yr shoulders to the left.
3. Repeat the opposite way.

This sounds complicated and it is hard to start with BUT if you persevere it gets easier and it works!!

foreverondiet Mon 29-Aug-11 15:53:51

You can't spot reduce fat, so you have to lose weight and eventually you'll lose there too.

You can tighten up your core muscles which might help - 30 day shred and pilates.

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