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Shred/NMTZ/BFBM - biggest effect?

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DoodleAlley Fri 26-Aug-11 23:03:41

I'm doing a mix of Shred, No More Trouble Zones and Banish Fat Boost Metabolism. I'm enjoying them though it's not yielded the five pounds a week weight loss they all claim, unsurprisingly!

I'm going to carry on with doing a mix of them, alongside my diet, but I was just looking to canvas people's experience of whether one of those three DVDs seemed to have more effect on weight loss (or inches lost) than the others so I can focus a bit more if times short.

Hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance

DoodleAlley Sat 27-Aug-11 08:38:21

Anyone out there or are you all too busy doing exercise DVDs?!

babyinacorner Sat 27-Aug-11 21:33:33

Hi, I have been doing a mix of all these too. Also been doing her new one 'ripped in 30' and 6 week 6 pack. Personally i find level 2 of 6 wk 6 pack and no more trouble zones the best as they leave me feeling like i have really worked out. Also i have a heart rate monitor and 6wk6pack burns the most calories in the shortest time.

Most of the time now i do a mix up so i do parts 3,6 and 7 of bfbm which i find the hardest. Then i do parts 1,2 and 4 of no more trouble zones. If i only have 30 mins i do level 2 of 6 wk 6 pack.

My heart rate monitor reckons i burn about 180 cals when i do the shred (and of the levels) but says about 220 when i do 6wk 6 pack. Since i satrted doing her dvds I have lost over 2 stone in approx 10 months.


babyinacorner Sat 27-Aug-11 21:34:34

Should say 'all of the levels'

babyinacorner Sat 27-Aug-11 21:37:20

Also, i think that no more trouble zones has had the most impact on my body shape and i'm going with the theory that if i can can get my body ripped then i will be a fat burning machine!

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