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Dukan Diet - 3 days no weight loss

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Piglett Fri 26-Aug-11 07:46:28

- that's it really. To be honest I'm at my heaviest weight for a while, lost baby weight last year and it has crept back on - mainly due to eating too much, some naughties like quite a bit of chocolat and too much wine.
3 days of Dukan and I have lost no weight, I know I'd have lost a least 3 lbs not drinking and eating naughties. Is this diet not for me or should I do at least another 2 days before trying an alternative?
Anyone had a poor start in terms of weight loss and then gone on to achieve great results? I do at least 3 or four classes or jog/run (5 miles at least) a week but jeans that I should be able to wear and breath and walk in are resisting me

rufusnine Fri 26-Aug-11 21:10:23

Try the Cambridge diet!! worked for me 17 2 t0 13 7 Having shakes soups and bars remove the hassle of food for me and now i am "normal" weight for my height 5ft 8in - obviously not skinny just someone who passes in a crowd! 5 years and although i slip into bad habits sometimes a month on cambridge puts me right!!! Some say its expensive but as you eat no "real food" it really is not that bad!!

oncemorewithfeeling Sun 28-Aug-11 11:19:51

I am a dukan newbie. On day 4 of attack. So not really the right person to post, but you're not getting any long term dukaners advising so....

From the book I think your prob might be small cheats. He says eating even a tiny bit of carb has the effect of puncturing your weight loss balloon. I think you either have to commit totally to Dukan or you'd be better off on a calorie controlled diet. Or have a look at the quality of protein you're eating. More lean meat less fatty stuff/eggs. Not too much dairy...make sure your fat free dairy doesnt have added fructose or other fruit sugars. In the UK I have not yet found a brand of fruit low fat/no fat yogs that doesnt contain fruit pulp. So really check the sugars on your yoghurts. Or dont have more than 2 a day.

Finally are you drinking enough? Could it be a bit of water retention due to TOTM? That could mask a loss that you'll see in a few days. On my first day of Dukan my weight went up by 600g!

How are you doing now?

foreverondiet Mon 29-Aug-11 16:21:42

I found that I lost well on dukan BUT only if I limited dairy - he allows up to 1kg shock a day. I limit myself to 300g - of natural fat free greek yoghurt or cottage cheese only both of which are very low in carbs (4g-5g per 100g each), so 300g is around 12g-15g of carbs. If you had the 1kg he allows in the form of milk or other yoghurt could be 100g+ of carbs a day - this is a huge difference.

Personally I think better to have less dairy and more low carb veggies - ie don't do PP days if the only way you can get through it is lots of milk carbs. I gave up on PP days very early on for that reason.

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