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I'm wearing a fat suit....oh no, I am just chunky!!

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Newbeginning1 Wed 24-Aug-11 20:29:50

Well where to begin. Recently my weight has been going up and I'm now 3 stone heavier that I was pre pg and my DC is nearly 2 so I can't get away with the whole I've just had a baby excuse.

I've just seen pics of myself from the first night out I've had in months and I look fatter than my pregnant friend and honestly like Im n a fat suit. I get that I'm hideous, I just seem to completely lack self restraint and will power so what was your motivation to kick start the weight loss and what do you do to keep on track?

sweetleigh Wed 24-Aug-11 21:26:21

The way I feel! It's not so much the extra post pregnancy wait that bothers me but the way I feel physically. If I focus on the way I feel rather than the weight I find that weight drops off more easily as I am not so focussed on it.

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