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I joined Slimming World today and need a diet buddy.

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MrsGerardButler Wed 24-Aug-11 12:59:09

OK, very fed up. Weighed in at 11st12lbs and am 5'5". I'm planning on following the Extra Easy plan, with a nod to low GI diet too.
Anybody else doing it and feel like being my diet buddy?

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DottyDot Wed 24-Aug-11 13:01:34

HI there - I joined 4 weeks ago (this is my 5th week) and have lost a stone - following the extra easy and all seems to be going well. I've got another 2 to lose to get to my initial target, then probably another 1 after that to get to anywhere near a good BMI! grin

Very happy to chat - I've done weightwatchers in the past but this seems to be suiting me much better and in week 5 is starting to feel 'ordinary' which is good - hopefully sustainable...

DottyDot Wed 24-Aug-11 13:02:44

P.S. dp and I have changed quite a lot of our meals (she's doing it at home unofficially and has lost 10lb!) and the extra easy (it's orange) cookbook that they sell at the meetings is fab.

MrsGerardButler Wed 24-Aug-11 13:05:12

Thanks Dotty. I'm hoping to get to about 9.5 stones, so losing a stone in 4 weeks like you did would give me a real boost (and a few more wearable clothes). I'm down to one pair of jeans that fit.

When's your class? Do you stay for the full class or just go for the weigh in? There was about 50 people stayed for the class at my group this morning and probably another 30 who just came and got weighed.

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Chocamochalatte Wed 24-Aug-11 13:07:07

I really want to join Slimming World buy just can't afford to at the moment, are there some simple rules that you could give me that I could follow or do I really need to join?

Have done Weight Watchers in the past which was great but found the Pro Points really hard to follow at the start of the year...

Is it worth me looking for a Slimming World magazine? I'm sure they must do one, do you think that would give me the info I need?

JobCarHouseNoBaby Wed 24-Aug-11 13:08:16

Hey ladies, can I join your SW buddy club? I'm starting tomorrow evening and am on a mission to lose at least 3.5st as I'm getting married next year!

Very encouraged by the loss of 1st in 4 weeks, that would certainly boost the confidence levels.

There are 14 weeks left until December kicks in so thinking that should be plenty of time to get rid of at least 2st!

DottyDot Wed 24-Aug-11 13:13:08

Hi - I go on a Monday night and so far have stayed for the full class - will continue doing this as I really like the group. It's very small - about 12 - 15 people stay and most have lost really good amounts of weight. The leader's nice and what I like about it is that she doesn't push SW stuff at all. There's stuff out on a table to buy but she never mentions it.

I like that she reads out everyone's losses and she mentions gains but not the exact amount - although usually the person 'fesses up grin. They didn't do this at WW so you could hide in a corner if you wanted. The mentioning everyone makes me think bloody hell I'd better do OK this week...!

I was exactly the same a few weeks ago - down to just a few bits of clothes I could actually get in to. Now I'm back in everything and have a few smaller clothes I'm desperate to get into - maybe another half a stone and I'll be there...

I like the extra easy plan - always use my (a) and (b) on milk and cereal in the morning, then have a Muller yoghurt and fruit for lunch, then big tea! grin I always have a few syns - I'm trying to stay under 10 a day but last Friday the white wine spritzers and cocktail took me considerably over blush Still lost 3lbs this week though, so the occasional treat is good I think grin

I'd say the rules boil down to basically very low fat and fairly low carbs. You can pretty much eat any meat and fish you like - as long as all fat is cut off. Extra lean mince, steak, fish, chicken (no skin) etc. Then lots and lots of fruit and veg and pasta, rice and potatoes are also fine but I try (personally) to keep portion sizes fairly small.

The only thing I weigh out is my cereal in the morning - because 1oz (what you're advised to have) is teeny weeny and has taken some getting used to...!

MrsGerardButler Wed 24-Aug-11 20:28:04

I was having a look in the syns book today at the class and found out to my horror that my favourite lemon cake in Costa Coffee is 27 syns per slice! shock

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DottyDot Wed 24-Aug-11 21:03:01

I've stopped my horribly regular trips to Starbucks...!

DottyDot Wed 24-Aug-11 21:03:33

But just think of the money you'll save..!

ceebeegeebies Wed 24-Aug-11 21:13:04

Hi I will join aswell although I am not a good example of SW working blush

Joined about 10 weeks ago and have lost 6lbs in that time...but I did have 3 weeks 'off' recently where I ate everything in sight...before that I was averaging 1lb a week. Not a lot but at least it was going in the right direction.

I lost 3 stone in 2009 using another diet and wanted to lose another stone to reach my target. Instead, a stone crept back on leaving me with 2 stone to reach my target and the diet I used in 2009 just stopped working for whatever reason. After several attempts, I joined SW - mainly because the 'eat as much as you want' philosophy suits me as I have a big appetite. No idea why my weight loss is so slow....I go to the gym 5 times a week and, by my calculations, burn about 3000 calories a week and SW don't give you any allowance for exercise so the weight should be dropping off me confused

Anyway, am back on track now - lost 1lb this week. I go to a group on Monday evenings.

DottyDot Wed 24-Aug-11 21:39:46

I'm thinking of it all as a change in how and what I eat - definitely not a diet. I can cope with feeling hungry - nothing terrible happens! I feel like it's time for me to be the size I want to be - rather than wishing and wondering what it would be like.

Had 4 fruit gum-type sweets as a treat tonight - have had 6 syns today so a good day in all. I'm continuing to write everything down on the food sheets every day which helps.

The biggest thing for me will be coping when I don't lose weight one week - which is bound to happen at some point - but that's life and it's about not getting disheartened and keeping going!

roses12 Wed 24-Aug-11 22:05:59

Ceebeegeebies I have the same prob. V disheartened with it this week. Weight up and down. 9lbs down but was12lb before. No time to exercise. Fulltime job and no one to have kids in even. But if your sticking with it that makes me feel more normal. Others seem to lose 4/5 pounds a week. But hey they keep saying it's a marathon not a sprint.

ceebeegeebies Wed 24-Aug-11 22:08:12

Roses that is exactly how I feel when I go to the group meetings - I am fed up of hearing everyone else's weight loss when mine is so pitiful...makes me very blush

I haven't even reached my half a stone award yet (was half a pound off before it all went a bit pear-shaped) yet there were people there this week who have been coming for about 2 weeks that have already reached it....and none of them do any exercise fgs!!

LakeFlyPie Wed 24-Aug-11 22:13:16

Psssttt you lot, fancy joining our SW gang over here.

Lots of friendly banter, gentle encouragement and the weekly weigh in AKA Day of Doom (wednesday = DOD) virtual stickers and bowls of mouldy fruit optional smile

LittlePushka Wed 24-Aug-11 22:19:40

Come and pop in for a cuppa and a bowl of Quorn chicken pieces to munch on - lots of new and fairly new starters. Dont be put off by the size of the thread - just means we like to natter !!

Good luck anyway!!!

roses12 Wed 24-Aug-11 22:40:27

Fella is fed up with my moaning says I should shut up or really make the effort. He has been supportive but fed up now as it's all going backwards. Glad to know it's normal. And as with everything in my life right now am going to have to have some bleeding patiences.

JockTamsonsBairns Thu 25-Aug-11 09:51:28

Oh, can I be your diet buddy? grin

We seem quite perfectly matched actually - I'm 5ft 5 and, at my first SW class on Tuesday, I weighed in at 11st 11lb. I'm also following the extra easy plan, and hope to reach 9st 7lb.

Had a sift through the food optimising book after getting home on Tues, having a look at the Syn value of various stuff - no bloody wonder I'm overweight shock.

Definitely planning to stay for the duration of the classes. I need the motivation of hearing the success stories, and it seems quite a friendly group.

Anyway, so far so good on the plan (well, since yesterday morning). Seems quite easy to stick to, and I like the fact there's plenty of variety of 'free' foods. I'll have to see about what to do about my chocolate cravings though. The thought of one finger of KitKat is taking a bit of getting my head around!

Good luck on your plan x

Joby1970 Thu 25-Aug-11 12:47:05

Remember 1lb a week is 4 stone in a year

ceebeegeebies Thu 25-Aug-11 15:21:47

Joby grin now that is a good motivation sentence... I like it smile I will repeat that to myself when I get on the scales each week!!

JobCarHouseNoBaby Thu 25-Aug-11 21:55:19

Well I went to my first SW class today. I'm not sure how I can actually lose weight with all the stuff you can eat as much as you like of for free (pasta, potatoes?!?).

The leader was lovely and said one lady in the class had lost 4st in 19 weeks. There are about 16 weeks before Christmas. Could I be wedding dress shopping in the new year sales.....??

Also I won a tupperware pot in the raffle. I am turning into my mother.

MrsGerardButler Thu 25-Aug-11 23:18:11

JockTamsonsBairns spooky!

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MrsGerardButler Thu 25-Aug-11 23:31:19

I went for a 4 mile walk last night and a 2.5 mile walk tonight, and I've been keeping a food diary online. I used 13.5 syns today and will use loads at the weekend as we're having a party which will involve lots of cake and wine.

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MrsGerardButler Thu 08-Sep-11 18:23:06

How is everyone getting on? I lost 1lb last week then 2.5 this week. Not much tbh, but going in the right direction.

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carernotasaint Fri 09-Sep-11 01:39:57

I rejoined last month and im over 16 stone and 5"5 and i would love to get down to 11 stone 11 pounds. I would be over the moon. I first went to SW in 2002 and lost ten stones going from 21stone and 1 pound to 10stone 12. In 2002 i lost a stone a month for seven months and then it took well over a year to lose the last three. I gained a lot of weight back due to personal issues. (if you click on my user name things will be clearer though it is complicated) and i have a similar problem as in now it is coming off really slowly at one or two pounds a week. I do the Green plan. I tried EE but i either gain or stay the same on that one so will stick with Green for now. At between 11 stone and 12 stone i was wearing size 12 to 14 clothes. I have quite a small waist at my lower weight and carry a lot of weight on my boobs so if i went too small i would look ridiculous. I was also told by my GP not to go below 10 stone 6 as it would be wrong for my build to go lower than that. Right now i would be happy to be 12 stone to be honest.

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