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Does loose skin ever go??

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Wiifitmama Mon 22-Aug-11 21:09:51

I have lost 6 stone and have another stone and a bit to go. I have so much loose skin and flab. My arms are particularly bad.....very bat wing. My inner thighs are yuck. And of course my stomach (though that may also be down to having three kids).

I do exercise. Running, swimming laps, aqua aerobics, even boxing. I have great muscles in many places. But it doesnothing for the loose skin. I am almost 40 too.

So am I resigned to being like this forever (which would be suitable punishment for letting my body get so bad in the first place) or will it get better?

Wiifitmama Mon 22-Aug-11 22:08:59

Am I the only one with loose skin issues?

onlinefriend Mon 22-Aug-11 22:30:06

Hello, you aren't the only one. I lost eight stone about ten years ago but not the skin that went with it, unfortunately! My difficult bits are also my upperarms and the bottom of my tummy which just sort of hangs. I have lots of friends in a similar position (from a support group). Everyone was left with the same issue, it doesn't every go, i'm afraid. About half my friends have had surgery on their skin but this isn't a magic fix- they are scars where i have saggy skin. So i suppose it is what you feel you can live with. Incidentally I was just 25 when i lost the weight, and it made no difference being younger, so thought i'd add that- suspect you are beating yourself up badly about this from your post- there is no need for a 'suitable punishment' for letting your body get bad- it was a coping mechanism and you were doing the best you could. I have learnt i do better when i am able to be gentle with myself. Best wishes

foreverondiet Mon 22-Aug-11 22:34:44

I don't have lose skin issues but I only lost 4 stone (am 36), and I only had the excess weight for around 9 months (ie late pregnancy and for 6 more months) - so maybe that makes a difference. I did have some loose skin but its basically gone now - but my body fat is now down to around 16%-18% (BMI around 20) and I am very well toned - I do lots of weights plus lots of cardio. I'm currently training for a duathlon / triathlon, after I'm planning to do lots of (heavy) weightlifting to restock my muscle mass after my diet.

See here:

Implication seems to be that to get rid of the excess skin need to get body fat right down and increase muscle mass. I am guessing that even when you get to your target weight it would take some time to achieve this.

Wiifitmama Tue 23-Aug-11 09:12:09

Interesting link. thanks!

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