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Dukan virgin, starting on Wednesday

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Karbea Mon 22-Aug-11 12:26:07


I've read the book, and I'm going to start the attack phase on Wednesday. Reading forums, it looks like eggs amd vanilla muller lights will be my new best friends!

Please can you give me some other tips?
Also what do you have for lunch? I've breakfast sorted going to have scrambled eggs, although I hope I don't get bored of them! I'm slightly worried lunch will end up being a pre pack of sliced chicken!!
Also where do you buy the oat bran?

Thank you x

foreverondiet Mon 22-Aug-11 18:13:44

Watch out with the muller light, they do contain added sugar so are technically a cheat but probably ok occasionally, just not several each day.

ToffeePenny Mon 22-Aug-11 18:48:49

forever is right - stick with the 0% greek yogurt, the muller will slow your loss down (and it is very sweet first thing in the morning).

Breakfast can be yogurt, eggs, or the oat bran (I make mine into a sweet vanilla/cinnamon galette)
Lunch is generally cold poached fish with crabsticks (not a meat eater) and the yogurt/galette that I didn't have for breakfast.
Dinner is garlic prawns or smoked salmon/scrambled egg. I'm currently experimenting with tofu (thanks forever!)

plan meals (and snacks) for before you get hungry, drink lots of water, have a good small non-stick pan for your scrambled/fried eggs/omelettes/galettes so you don't need oil, and when you move onto cruise and veggies asparagus is great for water loss.

foreverondiet Mon 22-Aug-11 19:40:43

I actually found I got better weight loss with protein and veggies because when I did PP I ended up having lots of dairy (300g-500g), he allows I think up to 1kg and I got better weight loss with a lower dairy intake. So I guess my tips would be not to go too mad on dairy and to stick to low carb dairy - greek yoghurt and cottage cheese. Also IMO better to have a little spinach/asparagus/broccoli than stacks of yoghurt/milk if you find PP days hard.

ToffeePenny Tue 23-Aug-11 21:54:19

Ready to start Karbea?

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