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Dukan - where do you get your oatbran from?

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Littleover Tue 16-Aug-11 21:20:42

Stupid question, I tried 1 health food shop and 3 supermarkets today - all sold out!

The book says there is a recommended make but I can't find it on the website.

Help please! I want to start this soon.

androbbob Tue 16-Aug-11 21:52:41

Tesco or Holland & Barrett

foreverondiet Tue 16-Aug-11 23:01:43

tesco own brand, order online.

have also bought mornflake oatbran from asda and from independent health food shop

Littleover Wed 17-Aug-11 20:54:36

Thanks, I'll try Tesco again, H and B can't get any until Monday.

caughtinanet Wed 17-Aug-11 21:03:29

I've been thinking about doing this and had a look in Tesco - they have their own brand bags next to the loose porridge oats in the cereal aisle in my local branch.

TaffyandTeenyTaffy Wed 17-Aug-11 22:31:22

I get mine from Tesco (their own brand). Sainsbury's sell the mornflake one - and some one has told me Waitrose stocks it.

Snuppeline Wed 17-Aug-11 22:43:30

I don't want to come across as flogging a particular brand but I got Dukan's own from their online shop and bought three boxes for the price of one. A month (approx) into the diet and I haven't even finished one box so should take ages to finish. I haven't bothered looking anywhere else but will check out Tesco/Holland & Barrett too.

ToffeePenny Wed 17-Aug-11 22:47:16

Waitrose - mornflake I think is the brand. I've seen it on amazon for delivery too.

DizzyDummy Thu 18-Aug-11 00:07:28

Mornflake one from Morrisons

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