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Need motivation, DS now 20 weeks

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NewChoos Mon 15-Aug-11 12:29:31

So I don't think I can get away with the 'newborn' excuse anymore...

I need to lose 2 stone. I am still ebf so do feel hungry but I make the wrong food choices (chocolate/cake). I have just had a flake crumbled on custard blush
I just don't feel that motivated and my will power seems to be lost somewhere (I think I may have lost it about 5 years ago, if someone finds it please return it!).
I do want to wear nice clothes (am wearing a lot of maxi dresses at the mo)
I want to look nice in christening photos (and other photos) but this still doesn't seem to be enough to spur me on.
Please can you post me tips/advice/motivational/inspirational stories - thanks!

foreverondiet Mon 15-Aug-11 15:06:29

I never thought of it as a newborn excuse more for me like EBF excuse for me, (although newborn excuse for a few months anyway I guess if not breastfeeding) – I too kept on trying whilst EBF but it just didn’t happen, can relate to custard and flake, I was totally starving the whole time just didn’t have the motivation, and before someone mentioned Paul McKenna, I’m not sure if it would have worked as I really was hungry the whole time.

Anyway, have repeated this too many times on this board now (come and join me on MFP thread when you are ready) – but once DS2 was 5.5month old started him on solids and bottles as going back to work. Also started diet. I did continue to BF for another 6 weeks but milk dried up/he lost interest. I was 3 stone above pre-pregnancy weight. I have now lost almost 4 stones (don’t plan to lose last 2 pounds to get to 4 stone as am finally HAPPY for first time in my life about my weight.)

I lost the first 2.5 stone quickly (within 4 months) and at that point although I wanted to loose a bit more I felt much better about myself.

How I did it:
a) Exercise – signed up for a triathlon, went back to gym 3x a week and dijd DVD/wii on non gym days
b) Diet – started off low GI and calorie counting, now doing healthy low(ish) carb, low fat (my version of dukan consolidation) and calorie counting. Am 12 lbs below lightest adult weight (ie I weigh what I weighed at school!)
c) Motivation – used Paul McKenna plus also read diet and nutrition books as extra motivation.
d) Logging – I have logged every day of my diet, initially on tesco diets (a mistake, a) it costs and b) if you don’t continue to pay lose old data) now I use myfitnesspal.

So keep on feeding for as long as you are both happy, and worry about the weight loss afterwards.

NewChoos Mon 15-Aug-11 17:34:04

wow very inspirational. How did you manage to fit in the exercise?
Sorry quick post - need to attend to DS!

PinkSchmoo Mon 15-Aug-11 20:50:52

Book a holiday? DS is 15 weeks, going on a holiday which will involve my flesh being on show in 3 weeks. I have the fear BIG style and will be half a stone lighter by then.

foreverondiet Tue 16-Aug-11 23:28:30

Pinkschmoo holiday didn't work for me, ended up sitting in a pool in a swimming costume for a week at my fattest ever (pretty much size 18) kept on trying to focus on diet before I went but in the end just though well I'm so fat, need to lose 3 stone, 4 weeks isn't really enough time to make a difference. I do now have bikini body though smile.

newchoos I work 3 days a week so on the 2 days I don't work DS2 goes to gym creche and DH looks after DC on sunday morning. Plus I do exercise DVDs (Jillian Michaels) at home in the evening.

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