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If I exercise 5 days a week along with a good diet, will I lose 3 stones in 4 months ?

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confusedandsilly Mon 15-Aug-11 08:20:31

I'm desperate, I put 3 stones in 3 years ! The last stone is because I stopped smoking, the 2 first stones because I drank too much. So doable ??

Vajazzler Mon 15-Aug-11 08:37:46

Well i joined Weightwatchers 13 weeks ago and have lost 33 lbs /2st5lb without actively exercising so i reckon you could!

colditz Mon 15-Aug-11 08:41:46

Ummmmmm depends.

Depends on how 'strict' your diet is. Don't make it too strict, or you'll break it.

I lost 2.5 stone in 5 months, but TBH I cheated all the time and NEVER exercised.

Give it a shot, but one stone is better than nothing

confusedandsilly Mon 15-Aug-11 08:51:30

I'm planning on doing the gi diet so not too strict and I'm sure I'll cheat sometimes !! My belly is disgusting, I truly look like a barrel of wine !!!

piano10 Mon 15-Aug-11 08:56:24

I guess it is possible.
You sound determined OP,, well done...
I am a fitness coach and very into keeping fit. So IMHO exercise is the key then you can enjoy the sweet , fatty treats .
I am 52 now and my belly looks awful but generally I am slim. Wish I had the will power to diet. With me its a case of work out hard at the gym cycle there and cycle back..
good luck OP with your regime... the key is to stick at it , stuck at it, stick at it, and keep going every day with the exercise. I find a little every day 25 mins , is better than beasting yourself cos you have missed a few days.

whyme2 Mon 15-Aug-11 08:57:03

I think in 3 months you could look a lot different but I'm not sure 4 stone is entirely realistic. But lots of exercise can make you look loads trimmer though.

Good luck.

confusedandsilly Mon 15-Aug-11 09:00:34

Thank you ! Even if I dont lose the 3 stones in 4 months, I know I will be in a better place !!

foreverondiet Mon 15-Aug-11 12:20:25

You can. I did it in 5 months (2.5 stone in 4 months). But it depends on the “good diet” and it depends on the “exercise”. 5 months later have lost another 12lbs and I cheat every weekend. My tummy is now totally flat, solid and defined, was previously wobbly and squishy!

Here are my thoughts!

- Low GI is good but also need to calorie count (or do Paul McKenna alongside). Low GI on its own will lead to weight maintenance but not to weight loss.
- Its doable if you are very strict and don’t really cheat, I cheated a bit, could probably have got there a month earlier if I hadn’t cheated. But I am glad I cheated – I chose my cheating in advance carefully eg eating out with friends (although was still cautious, just didn’t stick to it 100% - ie have a drink, a dessert or the bread but not all three), DH’s cousin’s wedding etc etc. Life is too short to not cheat for months on end and occasional planned cheating will not ruin your diet.
- I did three full on gym sessions plus an extra couple of exercise DVD type things eg EA sports active on wii.
- My diet was basically low GI and calorie restricted from the start but still reached a plateau and have ended up doing lower carb than I had originally intended. You can bear this in mind if you plateau and want to change things around.

confusedandsilly Tue 16-Aug-11 11:50:15

Thank you foreverondiet, your advice is really helpful !

theowlwhowasafraidofthedark Tue 16-Aug-11 11:59:16

It's doable, although tough. I managed to lose a lot of weight a few years ago. The advice I'd give is to exercise hard (getting really sweaty!) rather than just pratting around in front of the tv/on an exercise machine at the gym. I trained for a 10k run it was a big motivator. I think maybe exercising 5 times a week might be a bit ambitious if you're starting from nothing.
Good luck!

RumourOfAHurricane Thu 18-Aug-11 19:52:51

Message withdrawn

RumourOfAHurricane Thu 18-Aug-11 19:54:14

Message withdrawn

Snowinsummer Thu 25-Aug-11 14:25:01

Hi there, yes you can. I've now lost 40 lbs since 13th May (took about 10 days off for hols but didn't go mad & still did some form of exercise) I have cheated (a bit) but have exercised most days - either shred (levels 1 & 2 alternate days using 2 kg weights) or walking. I should have lost hopefully more like 3.5 stone in 4 months. My method is Herbalife shakes for breakfast & lunch, MFP and a healthy evening meal. I also allow myself a cheat meal at least once a week (but I don't go mad, it's controlled!)

CafeZero Tue 30-Aug-11 00:54:37

I've done 2 stone since beginning of July ( so 2 mths), and have been on holiday for nearly 2 weeks of that. For the first time in years I am 'in the zone', and school Hols felt like a good time to crack it, and also I caught a sideways glance at my tummy in Turkey in June, and knew I had to do something. I'm doing Dukan, Zumba twice a week and seeing a personal trainer once a week. On the other days I try to go for a 30 min walk, but not always possible. I have concerns that I won't keep this part up when the weather gets worse.
Friends have been very supportive, so I'm still eating out a lot, but having the meat and salad option. I've had the occasional cheat (pints of pimms at a festival spring to mind), and I am an obsessive baker, so there are always sweet treats in the house, and that's been hard. G&slimline T when out, and a couple of glasses of wine when it all gets too much. I would love to do another 1.5 stone before Christmas, as I'm definitely slowing down, and I worry a lot that I won't be able to keep it off permanently, but it feels great at the moment.

confusedandsilly Tue 30-Aug-11 08:16:17

Thank you so much for your posts ! I just came back from my holidays and started running again yesterday ! I'm still working on my routine, I'm really committed but I'm scared of being all over the place and not achieving anything !

Rowgtfc72 Wed 31-Aug-11 18:40:42

Hi all. Im after losing three stone in four months too, just in time for my 40th ! I have zero willpower but have just dragged out " my fitness trainer" on PS3 so am going to give it some effort later when its dark and I can shut the curtains ! Have decided 2lb a week cant be that hard - Can it ? !

AngryFeet Wed 31-Aug-11 19:02:04

I honestly find the worst thing you can do is give yourself a time limit. I always do this and fail. I did succeed once as my wedding was coming up but I gave myself loads of extra time just in case. I did try to exercise 5 times a week but depending how much free time you have it can be very hard and often when I didn't exercise I tended to 'give up' on the diet that day too. I would just pick a diet you think you will stick to, try and incorporate as much exercise as you can (and pick something you enjoy even if it is walking) and do the best you can. Even if you lose 2 stone in 4 months you will feel much better. I think too much pressure can make you fall off the wagon too easily to be honest.

foreverondiet Wed 31-Aug-11 19:19:35

Rowgtfc72 I lost at a rate of 2lb a week every week until I was down to the last stone. I was very focused though, didn't cheat even at weekends, exercised 7 days a week (3 full on gym sessions PLUS 3 x EA sports active on wii and decent 1 hour brisk walk on "day off").

And even then when it was down to the last stone it was slower.

It is possible, but requires huge effort and willpower!

CafeZero Wed 31-Aug-11 23:49:26

I also think smaller goals help. My friend bought me a dress last year that I've never fitted into, and whilst it's still a small size 18, I wore it tonight and felt great in it. I've spent the afternoon tarting myself with face pack, scrubs etc, and didn't feel guilty as I think I've 'earned' it.

confusedandsilly Thu 01-Sep-11 08:25:09

Ok so far I have done : Ordered Paul mkenna, I have found a running plan that I like..building up to 5 k then when I'm able to run 5 k I have another plan that I can do. I have decided not to give myself a time limit, the only thing I want is not a huge arse and flabby tummy next summer !

AngryFeet Thu 01-Sep-11 08:28:14

Good for you smile Running is great and you will feel so good when you reach 5k. I ran 2 years ago and did a 5k then a 10k. It was a lot easier than I thought! In fact if you want a dieting/running buddy I am up for it. Have just started my diet today and really want to get back into running. Make sure you get yourself some good shoes and some trousers/shorts that stay up when you run (sounds weird but lots of jogging bottoms slide down!)

confusedandsilly Thu 01-Sep-11 08:51:40

I would love to have a diet/gym buddy ! I didnt start the diet yet even if I dont eat as much as last week ! Are you doing a named diet ? I have tried few but never fully committed. Are you a gym member ?

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