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Exercise lives me soooo exhausted!

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bacon Sat 13-Aug-11 17:28:21

Silly thing to say but I'm 2 stone overweight and very unfit prob say I havent been fit for over 20 years!

Ive started various day classes however, I'm fine when I get home but after a few hours I die! I feel so rough and tired, I just want to sleep and rest its awful. But I cant as so much to do, children, house, business etc. Then I cant sleep in the night and that just makes me feel exhausted the next day.

This is putting me off going back which is no good. I try not to over do it but wish I didnt feel so dead.

Should I go swimming first just to get my muscles exercised, build that up then go to classes? Must be other bigger mamas who have overcome this. I'm surrounded by mega fit ladies at the class who prob feel refreshed and full of energy when they get home.

How do I overcome this????

Anifrangapani Sat 13-Aug-11 17:42:01

I know how you feel. I stupidly said I will do this next year.

2 problems - I am really unfit and I can't ride a bike very well.

I started training last week and am as stiff as a board.

A great piece of advice I was given was to start slowly and mix it up. So I am running, swimming and turbo training and doing stretching exercises. That way no set of muscles gets too stressed. I have given myself until Christmas to get my aerobic capacity and then I will concentrate on riding technique. Fortunately I have friends who can teach me the tecnical side.

foreverondiet Sun 14-Aug-11 15:57:06

2 stone overweight isn't that overweight.

Why not start with something short like 30 Day Shred, and do it in the morning. Within a month you'll be much fitter and be able to cope with the classes.

Also need some wholegrain carbs after exercise.

re: swimming, unless you are getting really out of breath, getting heart rate going its a bit of a waste of time, may as well walk.

bacon Wed 17-Aug-11 12:59:11

Is there anyway of overcoming the sleepless nights after exercise? I feel exhausted but my body cant drop off and I remember when I was much younger I would sleep heavy after a run.

Do pain killers work in anyway?

WillPenn Wed 17-Aug-11 21:30:03

Are you sure you don't have a thyroid problem? This is how I felt after exercise when my underactive thyroid was untreated - and I had sleepless nights. Now I'm on thyroxine going to the gym energizes me instead of exhausts me. I am also not any thinner now than I was before when I was exhausted. Go to your doctor and get a blood test.

foreverondiet Wed 17-Aug-11 22:36:34

Worth getting tested but I am not sure. When I was diagnosed I was exhausted the whole time and struggled to drag myself to the gym at all.

bacon Thu 18-Aug-11 11:29:17

No honestly I'm fine, with all the tests I've had done over the years with bloods, pregnancy etc.

I have suffered from chronic fatigue for many years from 28 -38 but much better now so I would put some of it down to that. I'm about 80% well now. Because of this lul in my exercise regime I think its going to take a lot of energy to overcome the exhaustion after exercise. I have googled not sleeping after exercise and it is well known suppose body in shock.

Thanks foreverondiet I did the shed DVD this morning and agree that I need to build up some strength before I can go to these classes. 20 mins was enough for me at moment. The problem with the classes they are supposed to be at all levels but they arnt, you cant hear the instructor, no instruction on posture or breathing while the DVD tell you exactly what you should be doing.

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