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Just stopped breast feeding, come join me in dropping the podge...

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TettyLouBar Tue 09-Aug-11 21:18:45

Been finished for 4 weeks, weight static. sad Lady who I saw at Bra fitting said it would "drop off" now that I've finished feeding....nothing moving hmm

whostolemyname Wed 10-Aug-11 09:17:17

Im not quite at the stage you are yet, still feeding my little one but only planning to for another 2 months or so and am desperate to lose about a stone. Im not sure i believe all the people that say it will fall off when i finish either! I bet it is still hard work! Its amazing how your body image can affect what should be happiest time isn't it?

What is your plan? Are you going to follow a particular plan? or calorie count? I think im going to go for good old fashioned calorie counting!

foreverondiet Wed 10-Aug-11 12:09:37

Hi, Just wanted to offer support but I am somewhere different now, 10 months on. I put on 2.5 stone when pregnant and another half stone when breastfeeding DS2. I had to diet to get the excess weight off (discovered this after DD and DS1).

I started off doing tesco diets totals plan, just because I wanted a tool for logging everything (didn’t realise myfitnesspal offered better for free) – so basically calorie counting but some foods weighted differently eg the tesco plan encourages you to eat healthier choices as totals for chocolate of say 100 calories higher in totals than 100 calories of apple. I also did lots of exercise – gym (training for triathlon) and in the evenings of non gym days EA sports active / 30 day shred.

I hit a plateau with a stone to go so switched to higher protein / lower carb (although not ketosis diet), and increased weight training – I did continue, I have since found out that high protein diet and resistance training is good as it helps prevent loss of lean tissue (muscle) as you lose weight.

And now I am below my original target by a stone, so I have lost just under 4 stone, now training for duathlon!

You can do it, the task might seem enormous but its made up of lots of little steps…. Within a couple of months people were already commenting that I’d lost weight.

TettyLouBar Thu 11-Aug-11 08:15:48

forever had great success losing the baby weight after DD1. I went out and bought some Davina Dvd's and loved them so much that they became a regular crimbo present from DH whenever there was a new one released. I managed to get right down to almost 5lbs lower then my pre pregnancy weight. Worked out about 4 times a week combined with running and I also went to aerobic classes too. It wasnt easy as I had a DD that didn't sleep through until 11 months.
I used to vary my workout times because someone mentioned that your body can get too used to exercise at certain times of the day and that its better to mix it up.
Some mornings I used to get up before DD and workout/ wait until she was napping/ wait until she was in crech for afternoon/ wait until she was in bed at night/ get Dh to take her out at weekends and workout. But it really worked.
I just watched what I ate and tried to stay away from bread.
I even had the beginnings of a six pack (Davina's abs workouts are great). Then, once I had been at my target weight for a few months and was really getting into a routine.....along came the stork and DD2!

So this time I have less time alone. DD2 is now 6 mo, DD1 is 3yr2mo. DH is British Forces so he's away on a four month tour. We're having teething/sleep regression and weaning from DD2...and nightmares/early mornings (5am)/behaviour regression from DD1 (I think mostly as a result of baby sister and Daddy being away all these things have started).
I have NO energy for exercse right now, so its all about what I eat and staying active, getting out walking with the girls in the day.
Its a real struggle but I have dropped about 7lbs since DH has gone but can't shift anymore. sad

whostolemyname I dont really calorie count. I just stay away from bread. Eat hardly any carbs after about 2pm (potatoes/rice/pasta) and limit alcohol. Thats basically it. It works well and I have a steady loss if I stick to it. But its sticking to it! I find the evenings hard as I'm on my own and if the DD's are sleeping well I get bored and start to graze on bad things. I have started snacking healthier on carrot batons and humous (instead of chocolate and crisps) but its still hard.

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