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How easy is it to do Durkin if you don't eat meat?

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Nospringflower Tue 09-Aug-11 15:48:34

I do eat fish but find it hard to know what food could have that would be varied enough. Any suggestions would be appreciated thanks.

Nospringflower Tue 09-Aug-11 15:49:26

Oops - Dukan blush

foreverondiet Tue 09-Aug-11 19:09:59

You could do it if you love eggs, dairy, fish, quorn (just the mince and chicken pieces) and tofu. I would suggest doing a variation whereby after attack you do protein and (low carb) veggies each day rather than every 2nd day and add some pulses 2-3 times a week and maybe a couple of portions of nuts a week as well. Maybe just have one protein only day a week?

Although duakn allows dairy I found I got better weight loss with more veggies than with more dairy (he allows I think 1 kg a day which is a lot, I tried and stick to around 300g-400g)- for that reason I abandoned protein only days, which would be very hard as a vegetarian.

Eg Eggs for breakfast plus yoghurt with oatbran.
have a salad with fish or cottage cheese for lunch.
And dinner with veggies and quorn/tofu/fish for dinner.
Snacks of yoghurt & oatbran / marinated tofu

Nospringflower Tue 09-Aug-11 19:19:14

Thanks for your help. I do like eggs (had 2 for breakfast today) and in past have had fish or prawns but with no veggies have got bored really really quickly. Was thinking about having salads but must check what veg are low carb and maybe add them in. Like quorn in sauces but on own struggle tho'.same with tofu. Want to lose about a stone but am quite small and don't eat much junk (but drink a lot) so not sure how easy this will be smile

foreverondiet Tue 09-Aug-11 19:26:58

Actually I found this on a dukan forum from someone who paid for the coaching:

There was an question relating to a vegetarian plan which some may be interested in. I'll paraphrase what's permitted so I'm not infringing on any copyright laws:

On PP days vegetarians can eat as much as they want of low fat dairies and 5 egg yolks per week. PP days should also include silk and firm tofu, seitan (I don't know what this is, but I assume vegies will), textured soy proteins and 50 grams of wholemeal rice and 50 grams of lentils or quinoa. On PV days, in addition to the PP food, the 28 allowed vegetables can be added.

ToffeePenny Wed 10-Aug-11 18:09:41

I'm a pescatarian <big word of the day achieved - check> and been Dukanning <made up verb of the day - check> for 3 weeks now. Found it pretty easy without meat but expensive (around £8 a day for just me).

On the attack phase an average day would be:
Breakfast - Total 0% fat greek yogurt or eggs or Dukan galette with vanilla and cinnamon
Snack - surimi
Lunch - tesco poached salmon fillets
Snack - total o% yogurt or surimi
Dinner - Dukan oat bran galette (if didn't have in the morning) made with crab (canned),red chilli,and chives or whole trout with (healthy) devilled eggs

To keep cost down found Tesco 4 for £12 on poached fish, surimi (pretty cheap at around £1.29 for 130g but watch the sugar - Vici is the best brand at 3g per 100g, others cost as little as 50p but with sugar of 15g!) and trout's always around £3 for 2. Buy egg whites in carton for the galettes as you're more likely to have more than a meat eater and this is cheaper and avoids the cholesterol issue.

If you can afford this then it works really well - lost 25% of the baby weight I need to in the attack phase alone.

foreverondiet Wed 10-Aug-11 19:00:41

Can probably get costs down a bit with supermarket greek yoghurt and supermarket cottage cheese (£1 for 600g). Tinned tina can be bought on offer, tinned sardines and mackeral much cheaper than salmon and I have been buying frozen white fish like coley which is cheap.

I also buy quorn on offer and tofu bought 3 packs for £5.

Nospringflower Wed 10-Aug-11 19:46:43

Toffeepenny how long did you do the attack phase for and how much did you lose (if you dont mind me asking)? Will need to look up Surimi as I have never heard of it smile. I've not made any of the oatbran galettes but might do that for a change as well. Have succumbed to a glass of wine tonight though so thats not going to help much.

ToffeePenny Wed 10-Aug-11 20:49:39

Did the attack phase for 9 days and lost 9 lbs (need to lose 32 in total to get to 'true' weight but would like to get a little lower if poss). 2 lbs appeared to come back when I moved onto cruise phase (protein + veg / protein alternating) but went again last week along with another 3lbs.

Glad I found this blog:

as he'd also gained in cruise and found asparagus got the weight moving again (it does - maybe only water but good to know when you need the motivation!)

Surimi is pretty popular in Japan - I suppose its the fish equivalent of meatballs (I am aware of how gross that sounds - it really isn't!) made with ground pollack & usually flavoured with crab or lobster in sticks. Being a classy sort of lass I nosh it straight out of the pack but in Japan they add it to miso broth or seafood salads. I like it for the convenience when I'm out with toffeeha'penny as there are far fewer snack opportunities for non-meaties (jealous of the availability of ham/sausages/cooked meats everywhere but never healthy tofu/egg/fish options).

Foreveronadiet - what do you do with the tinned tuna? I find it too dry to eat without mayo/oil dressing and my experiment with yogurt based dressing was vile!

ToffeePenny Wed 10-Aug-11 20:53:56

Gin and slimline is good if you need to cheat (doesn't everyone) as it has almost no sugar (had our anniversary during the above attack phase grin)

foreverondiet Fri 12-Aug-11 09:43:46

I eat the tuna with greek yoghurt or tesco normandy fat free fromage frais. I can appreciate not everyone's taste. Not really a dressing more put the yoghurt / FF in a bowl add the tuna and then eat.

When having in a salad (ie if eating veggies) make dressing from the fromage frais add balsamic vinegar and grainy mustard, some soy sauce and a little lemon juice. I don't do PP days anymore but have a tin of fish every day for lunch - either with salad or yoghurt/FF.

Also I found the marinated tofu lovely to eat right out of the pack.

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